View Full Version : Having Problems Completing Mission (HELP!)

10th Feb 2003, 21:52

I am playing the 1943 Werhmacht campaign, and I'm on the "Rescue Pilots!" mission, the one where you have to get the "secret documents" from the downed Luftwaffe pilot...

So I find the aircraft, do a few circles around, see nothing... Then I go find the hospital... enter/exit it a few times with the main character...

Then I go back to my base...

and nothing... no special message, no voice telling me I did anything... I don't even recieve a message saying to go to the hospital, I just get the "?" on the maps to disapear, and thats it.

Is there something special I have to do in this mission?

Also, why can I not rotate the map? :(


Dr. Love
10th Feb 2003, 22:25
I'll have to check on the pilot mission, I'll try to get back to you soon...as for the rotate map the map is locked by default, just go into options & check it.

Dr. Love
10th Feb 2003, 22:33
Should be in a nearby building. But you may have to complete a different objective first.

11th Feb 2003, 01:37
Hey thxs for the input Dr. Love... Looks like your the only one responding to the posts on the EIDos forum for WWIIPC...


Yea, turns out that you have to move your Major guy to a certain spot next to the plane first...

I was really getting good at that mission, considering I played the same map from the start 5 times over before I finally figured it out...

I also noticed that turniing on compatibility mode really helped out my FPS...

I was getting ~20fps on the Earth-3 engine mode, and it shot up to 60fps (like it should be) when I used compatibility mode... and I really didn't see much of any difference in the visual effects... besides the water ripples... and I have 512DDR/266 main memory and an Nvidia G4 Ti4200 128DDR Vid card...

Oh, btw, when is there going to be a realism mod made?
Nothing like having to take 6 hits with a 120mm gun to knock out a M3 Stuart... hehehe

Thxs again!

Dr. Love
11th Feb 2003, 17:36
certain chipset/video card combos prefer the compatibility mode, others can't even get compat to run...it's machine specific. As for a realism mod, I'm not hearing anything out here about that, but these folks are more Europe-focused, and I'm in the USA. Watch the skies, in other words. Glad I could be of assistance.

-Dr. Love