View Full Version : multiplayer troubles

9th Feb 2003, 17:02
I can't see any other players or games on Eartnet, but I can see the latest scores etc. I'm using netserver.earthnet.de.. are there any other servers available? could it be that I'm behind a server? (doesn't give problems with most other games)


Dr. Love
10th Feb 2003, 17:25
We had some difficulties with firewalls, and do not suggest it. Try it without the firewall and see if it improves. I'm betting that's your problem.

10th Feb 2003, 19:34
Thanks dr. Love,

But it doesn't help when I turn off the Firewall (I'm using Norton personal Firewall). I only see @Hans Miller and @Tadeus in yellow and two channels Panzerclaws and Knightshift. I can also see the weekly stuff etc. I still think this is evidence that I'm online and running..
Any more suggestions? thanks in advance.

18th Mar 2003, 18:39
I have run into this problem before. You have a great game, but no one to really give you a challenge.

One such solution is to have a fan site that keeps contact data on players. This would keep basic information such as nickname, maybe their location, and instant messaging programs they use.

Anyone have a site like this up already? If not, I wouldn't mind putting one up for all to use. This would enhance games and maybe even setting up a local game time or game day of the week to enable people to have many opponents to play.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.