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8th Feb 2003, 06:20
While messing around with reading the Dark engine database, I've been building an app that dumps various info about a mission. It occurs to me that something like this could be useful as a pre-flight tool for fan mission authors. To warn of any errors in the mission and tell you what files need to be distributed with the mission.

So what would you like a tool like this to do? Within reason, of course. Here's what it does right now and what I intend to add.

Print number of chunks in the database.
Check if worldrep, roomdb, aipathdb, and airoomdb are built.
Check that the gamesys file exists.
Check the dark mission description.
Print the loaded scripts. Check for ConVict/Gen.
Print families and textures.
Print lowest abstract object ID.
Print the quest goals and check GOALS.STR.
Check for objects with DeathStage = 12.
Find the StartingPoint and check for VictoryCheck script.

Handle localized resources.
Recognize built-in resources.
Check that the gamesys has the necessary archetypes.
Print resources from object properties: books, objects, meshes, textures, sounds.
Verify schema names in AmbientHacked properties.

Any other common gaffs that are worth checking for? I know a few of the entrants in the SMFM4 contest could've used this. Obviously, dumping the required resources would help missions made using DeDx, so that's a priority.

Old Man
8th Feb 2003, 11:06
Even though I don't know squat about dromed I thought I'd better speak up and let you know, Telliamed(Tom), that this would be appreciated.


8th Feb 2003, 19:01
Yeah this is sweet!

How can you check to see if the neccessary files are included though? does it scan the .zip file? I think the prob with adding custom stuff is that its in the authors Thief folder, so even beta testing your own mission with missing files won't clue you in.

If you use DEDX and forget something and your beta testers have it installed they will miss the fact that something is missing also.
I would also say important things would be # of objects, ambient objects (you can only have 250-and extras cause crashes so they are important).

I think just have a reference list of custom items could be really helpful in packaging the final zip though.

9th Feb 2003, 07:46
I was just going to dump a list of the files that will be necessary. I'll leave it up to the user to put everything into a zip file, since there'll likely be extra files they'll want to include, like the readme. You just use the list to make sure you don't forget anything.

9th Feb 2003, 07:56
right on,

I there a way for you to read the .bin files for objects and meshes to tell which textures correspond? It sounds like that was a prob some people had.
Rob Hicks said he's working on a list of which textures belong to which items, so its probably not neccessary but would be cool.

9th Feb 2003, 19:49
Ahh... Good idea. I hadn't thought of that. I'm sure Shadowspawn has the .bin format, I'll ask him.

Map pages... have to check the map pages too.

10th Feb 2003, 02:22
any way to make it snitch out the bad brushes( like a brush that isnt snapped to grid or one that is causeing a coplaner error)? that would me most useful, especially for someone like me who insists on making huge levels :D

10th Feb 2003, 09:22
doesn't monolog.txt do that?

11th Feb 2003, 07:42
I won't check for unsnapped brushes, however. For starters, you can already do that in Dromed. But also, unsnapped brushes aren't necessarily a problem. There's really no need to go cluttering up the diagnostic with so-called problems that aren't important, and that the author (hopefully) knows about anyway.

Finding coplanar errors, or areas that aren't room-brushed... There's a holy grail for you. Seems to me that if there were a way to easily spot such things, Dromed would already be able to do it. Even so, you'd need to know the format of the worldrep database, which no one does.

11th Feb 2003, 22:40
thats what i meant by the unsnapped brushes, the coplanar case errors. i think unsnapped solid brushes cause the error.

monolog.txt basically says somethings wrong, but when it comes to coplanar errors it wont report that like the other stuff. at least in my experience.