View Full Version : Did i miss something?

8th Feb 2003, 00:19
After reviewing the manuel (again), it says you CAN build defence, units ect. But but but, iv been playing german campaing for like 4-5 days now and i havnt even come close to being able to build.

Soo... Is it Allies & Russians who gets to build stuff or is it only a multiplayer option?? ( really gets boring having limited of forces to attack with:( )

Anyway, hope someone can clear this up for me...

Dr. Love
8th Feb 2003, 00:21
There's a second tutorial in the Allied missions; this is the build tutorial. After playing this, it's mission-specific whether you can build units, although in most campaign missions you cannot, by design.

8th Feb 2003, 03:53
Ahh your right...

Gues ill stick with skirmish for awhile:D