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Caesar Palace
6th Feb 2003, 01:52
or is it just unpopular? I wonder if there's another forum I am missing. Or is it just a few of us who know about this game?

Damn, I hope they put some money into advertising cus this game is really sweet and I would love to fight more people online.

Just a thought. :o

6th Feb 2003, 06:53
It is decreed:

This forum will be swarming with Praetorians-crazed players in time. Many of them will build Praetorians clans and communities everywhere. I will have found my new obsession in online gaming soon!!!

Praetorians will be unstoppable. Cant wait to feel the excitement of Roman warfare, please hurry up wizards in Eidos and Pyro.

My love for Ancient Rome and the many richess it offers never ceases. But I couldnt be hooked on those other fine RTS games that offer scanty Roman warfare and historical value because they lack the realism I want.

Praetorians is heaven-sent sent to me and many others like me. If you are a battle hardened and loyal online player of Close Combat 5 Invasion Normandy, the best RTS WWII wargame for me, you will know what I meant about enjoying realism and strategy in their endless possibilities.

Im just getting impatient waiting to attack. Yes, Maximus in Gladiators, say it again and again, right now: "At my signal, unleash hell"

I will make Marcus Tullius Cicero a feared general, he really needed a career change.

Grey Mouser
11th Feb 2003, 00:55
Yes...when people can actually buy it on the shelves (just a couple more days -err, few more weeks - I believe...) I imagine there will be more activity here.

22nd Feb 2003, 11:03
Happy to see the Praetorians forum is very much alive! Thanks to all because this game truly deserves lots of noise. We'll remember being among the first few here before the floodgates open soon.

I also think the forum was a bit slow at first because of the somewhat strange way to get inside.

Imagine the way to heaven for someone thirsting for it:

The first among 5 choices, press Link ( a bit vague, not so suggestive for forum and theres 5 major choices) .....

then press Community (lots of choices now before you see this, and it's not the most precise term).......

then, allellua, Visit the Forum. You've already pressed so many and seen a lot. Perhaps you may not even had the chance to click this.

I say this because I was lost finding my way back to the forum a few times. I even thought, maybe the heading "Forum" was in the UK site, but no, it was in the US site, or so I thought? lol lol lol

The forum may well be a barometer of the players' interest in the game. It shows the beauty of an online gaming community.

The Forum for Praetorians could have a major heading as "FORUM" so players can easily get in. In fact, it's what we shall always be clicking when we have the game.

But anyway, we know where to find it and it doesnt need much IQ.

Now where is the game ?!?!?

3rd Mar 2003, 16:22
Wheres the `none of the above` option ;)

Surely you cant expect a mass of people to be on the forums before the games even released.

It was released Fri 28th in Europe and will be out March 11th in the US, THEN i expect it to pick up in here :)