View Full Version : What's your favorite strategy so far?

Caesar Palace
4th Feb 2003, 22:14
Ok I know we've only played the one mission (in my case like 80 times) but so far what's your favorite strategy?

I particularly like sending like 3 or 4 legionaries in front using the turtle formation because it will stop almost all incoming enemies, while being almost impenetrable leaving the dirty job to the archers and your horsemen to follow and quickly address the enemy archers that stand behind.

Any thoughts?

Caesar Palace
5th Feb 2003, 01:44

Maximus Dominicus
5th Feb 2003, 17:18
Hiding by the trees and ambushing enemies. hit 'n run... yes. i know, i know. not very popular wiv the roman you say? :D :D :D still keeps the casualties to a minimum.

"Run today, fight tomorrow." LOL!