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10th Mar 2013, 01:17
I know technically the 3ds counts as a console but Im more refering to home consoles.. how does it feel to know we actually went a whole generation without a kingdom hearts game? good idea on SE's part or bad?

10th Mar 2013, 04:00
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX is *just* making the cut for the PS3 generation, so I actually feel pretty fine to be honest *rubs chin*

(Read below for extra long answer that doesn't really need to be read :P)


I loved BbS on the PSP, and my minor gripes with 358/2 Days and Re:Coded was using the d-pad, but with the 3DS, we get that little joystick to use. I even played CoM for the GBA on my DS, and it was alright. Over-all, I can't say playing the handheld games was a hardship. Ultimately, it made it easier to play since I had them on the go. And I think the games do get developed while keeping the system in mind, so it's not like it's a crappy port or whatever.

I don't know if it was a good idea or not, though. Personally for me, I'd have loved if every game had come out on the PS2, lol. But given the set up, it wasn't too bad for me personally. Systems I bought I inevitably bought for other games anyways, so it worked out, and SE had other games for the same systems anyways, so at the very least you would be touching on at least 2 series per system from just SE *shrugs*

I do think when some people think handheld they think the game is unecessary and not important, which therefore causes subsequent confusion and anger at the supposed hold up to the story.

I mean, I understand. If I hadn't played any KH game since KH2, I'd be annoyed too (granted, the game ends conclusively, but whatever~). However, if you don't play anything until the next continuing console game story, you are majorly screwed for the story (you could youtube, of course, but then you miss out on the immersive learning, lol).

It's a sucky thing, but the KH team decided to spend time and effort to make all their games important. Don't know why they didn't stick to home consoles though. Maybe making all the games for PS3 games would've been too hard at the time? Maybe there's some agreement with Nintendo to release a KH game on their system every so often, and the KH team thought to just stick to Nintendo handhelds since more people would likely buy those than the Wii/U consoles? Maybe they wanted to keep the home consoles for Sora's story since his games were in a chornological order?

I'm just guessing, I really don't know xD

2nd Apr 2013, 07:33
I was curious today so I googled KH 2.5 and KH 3 and so on. I know that KH 1.5 will be released on the PS3 but is it clear how many other KH's will be released on the PS3? I know the creators said they wanted all the KH's on one console but will this be a reality? Or might they release some on the PS4? (I really hope they keep them on the PS3 I am not going out and buying a PS4 as I just purchased a PS3 for the KH 1.5 remix)

2nd Apr 2013, 07:42
KH 1.5 (KH FM,RE: COM), KH 2.5 (KH 2 FM,BBS FM). KH 3 will probally be on PS3 or PS4. My bet is its going be on PS3 as the last game of the generation. Sony is going support the PS3 for many many years after PS4 launches. At least 7 more years of PS3 games being made.

2nd Apr 2013, 07:56
Yeah well that's good the more KH games on the PS3 the better, in my case!

2nd Apr 2013, 09:22
I hope for KH3 on the Ps3 but it wouldnt net profit as much as putting it on the 4 would do..... buisness wise you got a game with a fanbase starting to rival Final Fantasy and a brand new system.... do the math.... but im also thinking that Kingdom Hearts 3 could be on both with added content on 4....

2nd Apr 2013, 09:34
I'm thinking maybe 5% of all people with a PS3 will buy a PS4 in their first year of production, which will probably be the same time that the same Kingdom Hearts game will be released. I think it would net far less profit to make it a PS4 exclusive.

2nd Apr 2013, 09:44
Per game but once word breaks on the epic Kingdom Hearts goodness...Fanboys/Girls will be throwing money at sony/square ..... PS4 will fly off shelves....which also on a side note if the next smash brothers (rumor to have Sora) isnt EPIC then the Wii U is doomed

2nd Apr 2013, 09:57
It didn't really help with the 3DS, I don't think Square is going to produce another game exclusively on a console that so few people actually own anytime soon.

2nd Apr 2013, 10:32
actually ask about anyone who's a KH fan like me I bought the 3ds JUST for KH...... and i know about 5 more people like me....and 1 other who is about to get a 3ds to try Kingdom Hearts for his first time..... so yeah i think Square is happy enough.... run though the 3D page see how many bought it just for this lolz

2nd Apr 2013, 12:16
I bought the 3DS for KH too, but basing your information about the sales of the 3DS based solely on the people who post on this forum is a completely biased sample size. In actuality we are the only people who are crazy enough to do that, and the 3DS sales barely budged an inch. DDD did not sell as well as Square was hoping because most of the world did not have a 3DS, so I don't think they will make the same mistake on the PS4 any time soon.

2nd Apr 2013, 20:43
I think 2.5HD would probably still be on PS3, as for KH3... PS4 will launch this holiday season, but seeing as the game is not even in PRODUCTION yet (Versus XIII and all), it's very likely that it will end up on the PS4.

3rd Apr 2013, 08:00
True buying a new system to get every game in the series did hurt....and those who did are either extremly rich or extremly broke (im broke) .... I would if i could... buy stocks in Enix just for these HD games coming out becuase the fanbase in America has been craving the Final Mixes for the longest time! and its also gotta hurt to wait longer for 3 to come out....literally i am hurting that its taking SO long to get to production...but after they round up the voice crew to do the HD titles MAYBE they may plop a script for 3 in front of them .... **smiles**