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4th Feb 2003, 09:37
Hi all,

I recently got a copy of Thief Gold by EBAY and im real happy with
it. One of the best pc-games ever...

NOW i read about Thief 3 for X-box that it will have
the case if your hands are shaking (force feedback stick?) you cannot open locks and also the key might fall on the ground, guards can hear the key falling and the unlocking proces if they are closeby...sounds realistic. Dont know how much X-box version
will differ from pc-game.


4th Feb 2003, 14:08
Where did you hear that?

4th Feb 2003, 16:46
I heard more...
Game will be using the Unreal engine.
You will be able to see the feet of Garett when you look down and
during lockpicking you will see a real hand moving with it.
Again, this was a first impression of the X-box version coming very
soon by the Gamer site.


4th Feb 2003, 17:29
sound of everyone scrambling to find out if this is true...

Actually, sounds on the ball to me. We knew about the feet and hands bit already. And since the Xbox is nothing but a redressed PC, I can see it happening.

4th Feb 2003, 18:01
I have been playing Arx Fatalis, RPG, but with First person view. You see his hands and feet. Very cool game. :)

9th Feb 2003, 21:14
I havent been able to log in couple of days at the moment. :(

9th Feb 2003, 21:21
Uups sorry wrong thread.