View Full Version : Light a candle to remember the Columbia Crew

4th Feb 2003, 03:49
Light a candle to remember the Columbia crew.


at this time, there are 29 897 candles lit.

I refreshed very second for 10 seconds and more than 10 entries were added each second..

2 minutes ago, I was on the current page :/

So dont be suprised if you cant see confirmation of you posting it..

5th Feb 2003, 08:52
Yep, I'm on there now. http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/vestieri/candle.gif

5th Feb 2003, 22:49
its amazing how many light candles they were to bring up in such a short time.

7th Feb 2003, 07:58
I kept ending up with the same page when I'd try refreshing it. I did see my little entry, though.

7th Feb 2003, 20:13
I had problems finding mine too. What did u write? (if i may ask..)

I wrote (something like.. i cant remember 100%).

Thanks for helping humanity's exploration of space, going where no man has gone before. We shall not forget your courage and efforts in this grand task.

Didnt know what to write. tried to go for something generalised to fit every crew members (and all I could think of was their exploration of space..)

8th Feb 2003, 10:32

I honestly don't recall what I wrote at the moment, but it wasn't anything near as well thought out as that.


8th Feb 2003, 19:16
Lucky you. I cant think of anything to write either. I just let my mind wander and my fingers do whatever they want on the keyboard and I come out with something like that... :(

Em.. is that a good thing or bad thing? The fact that its second nature to come up with this (good) or that I never put any thoughts about it (wich is somewhat bad)... :/

9th Feb 2003, 01:03
I dunno. I think I just put something simple like "God be with you" or something. Kind of embarrassed that I couldn't come up with something a little more articulate than that...:o

9th Feb 2003, 07:59
I just look at it this way.. (em.. its kinda rude but still). There are people who took the time to remember the Columbia crew and there are people who never gave it a 2nd thought...

PS: I hear that Nasa says they wont have a definite awnser for some time unless a big clue drops down from space into the break room over at NASA HQ :)

Ok.. The break room is my own spice to it.. They said its gonna be a while unless a big piece of the left wing is found with one of those "we're sure its because of this" clues...

10th Feb 2003, 01:26
True. I guess just going to that site and having a candle says something. It really is tragic. Things like that always are, coz they're so unexpected... :(

10th Feb 2003, 02:52
Well. We gotta keep room in our lives for the unexpected...

It should be good unexpected stuff :)

10th Feb 2003, 04:07
Yeah, but it seems like 99% of the stuff on the news is bad...


10th Feb 2003, 05:23
I know, thats why I dont watch the news. Its too depressing.

Well. our local news chan has more variety. It shows 'major' bad news (i.e september 11th attack, shuttle accident, avalanche..) and community stuff.

10th Feb 2003, 06:14
I know. I don't watch the news either. I turn of the radio when those reports come on and everything. That's why people look at me funny a week after something terrible has happened and I don't know about it. :o

10th Feb 2003, 21:15
Never happend to me. I always knew either way if something major happend. If I didnt see it on the net, my dad would tell me.

11th Feb 2003, 08:31
Not me. I stay as far away from "news" as possible. The only way I hear about anything like that is "accidentally" in the breakroom at work--like if I happen to hear co-workers talking about that stuff. :o

11th Feb 2003, 18:04
Wow. Dont u read the papers? internet? watch tv news? radio?

I know most of the time theres depressing news, but I've been depressed for the past 5 years.. being depressed for a few days cause of what happens in the world is kinda ok...

My life is full of speed bumps. No matter what happens, 2 days later there's something else that takes away my 'attention' from the first problem... :(

Who said it? I think its "Buffy" "the hardest thing to do in this word is to live it" (or to that affect...)

which is true.

But that sounds too well thought of to have only appeared on a sci-fi fantasy tv show... :confused:

12th Feb 2003, 10:38
Aww, cheer up, pal! http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/survali/bubble2.gif

Nope, I don't watch news, listen to the radio, read the papers, or look at news sites on the Net. I usually just come straight here, or one of the other forums when I'm online, and these are pretty much the only sort of sites I visit. I figure I'll hear the important news, whether I want to or not, in the breakroom at work. :o ;)

12th Feb 2003, 18:51
wow. i dont know what i would do if i wasnt informed on current news... :(

I'd rather be a bit depressed than having no idea what's going on in the world.

Not to mention the fact the most 'important' (as in most covered, like shuttle accident) is on my isp's website...

...Well .. one of their websites. Its one of those mega corps. my isp is also a video rental store (movies, video games), cell phone company (they merged with AT&T a few years ago..), tv cable company & internet cable company.

They're going microsoft! Can you remember when Microsoft had only 1 operating system? Now.. what do we got? like 5 o/s, pc games, website (well, everyone has a website..), and recently branched out to consoles...

I wonder what they'll call their next o/s ? We got Win 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, NT (im guessing 1-2-3-4, NT5 is said to be win2000).