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1st Feb 2003, 20:06

Taken From CNN.com
Seven astronauts died today today when space shuttle Columbia broke up about 38 miles over Texas on its way to Kennedy Space Center in Florida. President Bush said the news had brought "great sadness to our country," but pledged, "Our journey into space will go on."

A sad day indeed :(

My sympathies to anyone related to these brave souls. (even though they might not even see this..).

Its on CNN (tv) right now.

This is nasa's second failed mission (as in no success of liftoff or returning..). The first was the Challenger which blew up on lift off (I think the fuel pumps were frozen).

Hopefully, they can find survivers, if any.

I'm told that there was a Israel man on this mission who was their first man in space (for Israel). :( Thats sad :(

1st Feb 2003, 22:10
I just heard about it a little over an hour ago. (Had a late night, and got up kinda late.)

Very sad... :(

2nd Feb 2003, 03:06
any news about the survivors? if any?

2nd Feb 2003, 06:17
I haven't really heard anything, but I would say that it's highly unlikely...:(

2nd Feb 2003, 06:22
:( NONE:(

2nd Feb 2003, 06:35
I didn't think so. Very sad.... :(

3rd Feb 2003, 03:06
i know, it appeared on tv when i want for my mom day of the week (parents divorced, I spend sundays with my mom...).

There was a french channel that showed some hull piece falling off of the front of the shuttle and hitting the left wing. apparently, its part of the insulation for the fuel pumps.. ... or so they say..

If thats true.. Its not hard to guess that the fuel line was exposed when comming back in the atmosphere.. causing it to go boom... Considering the damage it took when it went up and came back down..

em.. I mean it went up in space, and later.. after mission was completed, came back down... I didnt mean it like 'goes up and falls back down' .. like if u throw a ball in the air..

I think the news said 16 people were taken to the emergency due to the wreckage (radiation poisoning.. as far as i can tell). So far, no fatalities (well.. :( except for the crew :( ).

I hope they get to find something that explains what happend. Should help the family feel closure.. (eugh. I watch too much csi..)

4th Feb 2003, 03:21
I dont want to make fun of the terrible tragedy.. but..

At the same time that the columbia exploded, there was an avalanche in Alberta BC. (canada)..

7 people died on the Columbia? 7 people died in the avalanche...

Em.. im all spooked and freaked out here :(

Oh. I also have a few links here about what nasa thinks happend...


Also, you should check www.cnn.com, I havent checked but their bound to have some info there too.. Its like news 24/7 over there... As well as your local tv news chanels.

5th Feb 2003, 08:57
That is very strange (about the 7 people in the avalanche)--and certainly sad as well. I try not to watch the news most of the time, though, so I've missed hearing about a lot of this stuff. Just too depressing... :(

5th Feb 2003, 22:48
Yah. Alot of the stuff on the news is bad news... i guess thats what gets the buisness going... :/

Apparently, NASA found the black box of the late columbia shuttle.. so far, they're going with the tile thing... :/