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1st Feb 2003, 18:15
I've just recently started attempting to edit/create missions for Thief 2. As far as I can tell I loaded Dromed2 correctly from the second cd, got the thief2 patch, and downloaded the enchanced dromed2 from the ThiefUnderground. But when ever I open up darkloader the Dromed icon is unavailable for thief2. Also, when I manualy go into the thief2 directory and try to open dromed2 it gives me the following message.

"Cannot find GUI font (File: uigame.cpp,Line: 60)
(Yes to trap, No to exit, Cancel to ignore)

If i click yes, it gives me the "this program has commited an illegal acction" error, and nothing happens. If I click no, nothing happens. And if I click cancel, it begins opening Dromed, but before the four viewing windows actualy finesh opening, it gives me the illegal acction error, then shuts down dromed.

Does anyone have any idea of what I could be doing wrong? I got dromed1 to work with my thief gold fairly easily, but now I seem to be constantly running into problems with dromed2.

1st Feb 2003, 19:03
I can't tell from your post but, the order of appearance is:

1 Load Thief
2 Patch Thief
3 Load Dromed
4 Load Dromed enhanced.

At least this works for me.

1st Feb 2003, 20:38
I have had the same problem more than once...Sometimes even after I have been using the editor for months. I can't remember exactly what I did to fix it, but I did find the answer by searching at TTLG (http://www.ttlg.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?daysprune=20&forumid=85&x=16&y=10). Just type in "gui font".

Hope this helps. :)

2nd Feb 2003, 01:18
youre missing either:


mostly likely its the dark.cfg i had the same prob and you can get the file off of the thief2 disc 1 cd.

2nd Feb 2003, 03:27
Originally posted by Fraust
I loaded Dromed2 correctly from the second cd,
Dromed is on the first CD. Starting with just the game (patch applied), you should unzip the Dromed.zip from the first disc and allow it to overwrite any files. Then copy over the enhanced dromed, updated schemas, and Komag's enhanced menus.

2nd Feb 2003, 10:28
I ment the first cd. I got dromed off the instal cd, I was just thinking of the cd I use the most (the play cd) as the first one. One other thing Iv'e noticed, which might give someone a better idea of whats going wrong, is when I open dark loader and try to add thief2 into the thief directories it tells me it can't find thief2.exe in the thief directory.

Ill try looking for those other files on the install cd, and thanks for everyones help.

2nd Feb 2003, 10:55
You just tell it where to find the FM folders. Darkloader can be in a folder all by itself.

Read this: Fan Missions - How to Download and Play


2nd Feb 2003, 11:18
I think you missunderstood me. The path to my FMs are fine. Infact I've been playing a couple FMs for thiefG over the past few days. The directory where you show Darkloader where your thief games are, thats whats not working. My root thief 2 directory is in my program files, and thats where I told Darkloader to look for it, but it gives me the no thief2.exe error thing.

3rd Feb 2003, 04:32
Ah... The space in "Program Files" might be messing things up. Try putting it in the default location: C:\Games\Thief2\

3rd Feb 2003, 11:50
hmmm...I just put it in the games file like you said, pointed Darkloader at it, and its still giving me the no thief2.exe error...
(is convinced my computer is possessed by someone I pissed off grandly in a past life)

13th Feb 2003, 03:59
One thing I came across was I wanted to put a Thief link on my Desktop, but instead I put the Thief.exe file on the desktop and it wouldn't run. In other words, you didn't move your Thief.exe by mistake, did you? It could happen....

14th Feb 2003, 02:58
if thats what happened how would i fix it?