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31st Jan 2003, 21:43
posted January 31, 2003 01:40 PM
I posted this to the T-Underground site and Nightwalker recommended that I post here. I'm having some probs getting T1 and T2 reinstalled and running.

I've been a fan of Thief and Thief 2 since they were released, and am anxiously awaiting Thief 3....haven't played any of the FMs yet....but I want to get started..but I'm having a problem....

I just tried to reinstall Thief 1 but I cant get it to run. My system keeps crashing back to the 98 desktop (yeah, yeah, I'm still running '98...im a bit of a dinosaur). I tried the advice in the readme files...I'm thinking my problem is norton antivirus but the Game was running fine when I had downloaded and installed N-AV before uninstalling THief. I uninstalled Thief recently to do some work on my hard drive, and now when I reinstall, it wont run...any suggestions????? I'm not entirely convinced that Norton is my problem....please someone disabuse me of this notion and set me on the proper path so I can get back to the only PC Game worth playing. Comments and suggestions more than welcome.


31st Jan 2003, 22:14
Shut down ALL virus programs. Use Ctrl-Alt-Del and stop all programs running except Systray, explorer and task panel, (you can kill this also but it should not hurt to leave it).

Empty ALL your tmp files. Quick way is Find = *.TMP then select all and delete them.

Do a full install right over your old files for THIEF. Check the "README" on the TDP disc. It suggests some other things to do before loading TDP.

If you have installed and and it won't run as you say, then just re-install.

For T2. Hold down SHIFT. When the disc stops Use Start Run/install exe. Don't use AUTOPLAY/Start. Again, do a full install into the old folder if it is still there.

Don't install DX6 if you have a later version. TDP and T2 run fine with DX8.1.

Check your sound and video setup with DXDIAG in the Start Run to check that your cards are functioning.

1st Feb 2003, 09:51
You do not state when the crash occurs and this can be helpful in diagnosing the cause. Does it crash when you try to load it (so it never is available to you)? Does it crash when you start to play a FRESH mission? Does it crash when you RELOAD a saved mission? Does it crash between missions?

13th Feb 2003, 04:19
Originally posted by theBlackman
Don't install DX6 if you have a later version. TDP and T2 run fine with DX8.1.

I didn't think it was readily possible to "backtrack" with DXanything. It's a one-way process for me.... :confused:

Sometimes like with older programs (ahem, Thief) you can't just reinstall it. If your computer runs into something unexpected like mine did, it will never actually reinstall the game. I had to resort to Registry editing to remove TG from the entries so it could reinstall. Lots of fun. :rolleyes:

If it's crashing just after running the actual game, maybe you've got some old video codecs and it can't start the intro .avi.

Other than that, we need more info.

17th Mar 2003, 16:07
You can completely remove DirectX using this program. Just be sure you have the version you want to install somewhere (usually included on any game CD). (http://www.aoaforums.com/files/code.php?file=1214)