View Full Version : Did Draco leave us again?

31st Jan 2003, 01:56
Been awhile since i've been on here, but i'm roaming around the forums again. Seems its quieted down alot again, no RPG's that seem to be being that active. But when i was looking at Draco's little profile he posted last on September 11, 2002. I say its an odd coincidence but reading his last post made me think he left again for the RPG had turned in a way into another breaking the rules argument. Now, any ideas how to get him back yet again? Could also be school ruling us or something...

31st Jan 2003, 14:44
draco... um... nope desn't ring a bell... oh yes i remeber... never met him... left before i arrived... i'll shutup now...

31st Jan 2003, 21:39
He left because he was angry at Davidg.

1st Feb 2003, 04:39
Think he'll come back again like he did before in a nice boom topic?

1st Feb 2003, 23:11
The forum is dead.

2nd Feb 2003, 05:23
Yeah, right..... Why are we still here then?

2nd Feb 2003, 10:13
because most of us either ,have nothing better to do, or ,we don't have lives.

i fit neatly into both categorys. ;)

2nd Feb 2003, 18:11
We will need a miracle to make this forum interesting again.

Or at least another Spam War :)

8th Feb 2003, 16:32
Spam war sounds fun...against whom?

8th Feb 2003, 20:13
the mods of course and anyone else that stands in our way. <sigh>

8th Feb 2003, 20:33
And that might be who?

10th Feb 2003, 02:13
Can we get some cardboard cut-outs until we have more people standing in our way? I wanna spam war!