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30th Jan 2003, 09:02
I just installed FF7 on my machine in the hopes that somehow it would work and what do you know it did! All I had to do was apply the riva patch. I copied over the ff7config.exe file but kept the original ff7.exe. Anyway, the problem I'm having is that the backgrounds look all blocky. And they'll have green/red/purple lines outlining the blocks. I remember a long time ago there was a fix for this where you had to change your texel alignment to 3 or something like that. Well my texel alignment was already set to 3 so I dunno what to do now, and I haven't been able to find anything else about it here. Anyone have any suggestions?

Athlon Thunderbird 1.1Ghz
1.25gb RAM
GeForce4 Ti4200 64mb w/ 40.72 drivers
SBLive! 5.1

edit: I have both Anti Aliasing and Antisotropic filtering off

31st Jan 2003, 20:24
I can't think of anything else that hasn't already been said at Qhimm's site.

I don't have Rivatuner in front of me...I'm not even on my gaming PC right now. But inside Rivatuner, in Texture settings, I think. There is a pullout menu that has Force 1 and force 2. Setting that to Force 1 would get rid of the grid line problem on my PC....But I think that's Antistropic filtering.....

I just noticed that the Texture settings changed. go into optimization and play with those settings. Try level 0.

21st Feb 2003, 15:06
Have you gotten anything to work? If so, what settings need to be changed?