View Full Version : Compliments to an individual support

6th Mar 2013, 22:43
Thank you to Ms. Weaver (Who worked on 3/6/2013)

I had been trying to get my beta information sent back to my e-mail, and this individual helped me as much as she could with that.

When I had questions about what benefits I got from buying the Final Fantasy XIV Collector's Edition she gave me an answer that I wasn't expecting; she informed me that I actually got FFXIV:ARR when it came out! I was thrilled! I was expecting to only get something of lesser value to make up for it!

I know she wasn't the deciding factor for this benefit, but still, with the information she gave me upon my questioning, I have something to look forward to, and it is something that I greatly loved to hear.

I wish I could remember her first name (I'm bad with first names), because she is who I would prefer to chat with every single time that I call the support team. She was kind, understanding, and did what she could when it was necessary. If I could repay her for what she has done to help me, I would, but for now all I can think of is writing a compliment on this forum for all eyes to see be they members, employees, or employers of Square-Enix.

With one request to the Square-Enix team, I say: "Please give this woman the praise she needs and deserves". I would hate for her to get anything less than what she deserves.