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Medical Grey
28th Jan 2003, 03:21
Prolouge: Barmy Guvnor was working on a fungus farm and hated his job. He was reading the E-paper one day when he heard about this massive space station that was planning an intergalactic voyage, so he sent off his cv:
Name: Barmy Guvnor.
Age: 25.
Home Planet: Byeck IV, A windy planet in Groul system.
Criminal Record: Clean as a star whistle.
Family: None.
Hobbies:Licking Windows 95 boxes, Weapons Research, Drinking VAST quantities of space booze, Collecting second hand toilet paper.

5th Feb 2003, 17:06
...was that all...?

7th Feb 2003, 18:13
yeah this is what usaully happens with most fanfics. they get 1 post then they die

7th Feb 2003, 19:10
...sad. I really liked DMA6347267246's fic though (I can't remember the number), really good. I hope he writes another one soon.

10th Feb 2003, 00:43
I think you'll find the number is "57361". ;)

Thanks, btw.

Unfortunatly don't expect one anytime soon. I could do with passing this year so I'm allowed to do the other three in my course.

Maybe later.


But don't count on it.