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27th Jan 2003, 21:05
I have just obtained this game as a present for Xmas. Not certain how much I like it yet. Will withold judgement until I play it some more.

In the course of reading the manual which came with the came (which needs work) I either missed two points, or I am blind and I can not find them.

On page 15 of the manual the PAUSE MODE is discussed including the PAUSE button. What or where is the PAUSE button?

When lauching recon aircraft I am asked for the coordinates to place the aircraft. How is this accomplished? I think I know how it is done, but would like someone who is familar with this operation to tell me.



Dr. Love
28th Jan 2003, 17:36
For the artillery, you can left-click to target either on the main screen or the mini-map. The pause is the actual pause button on the keyboard. Some older keyboards may not have this button, but you can go into the keyboard settings & remap the key if this is the case.

Hope this helps.

-Dr. Love

29th Jan 2003, 20:08
Thanks for the reply, will try this the next time, especially on the smaller map.

Will look through the keyboards I have and see if one has a PAUSE button.