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25th Jan 2003, 16:08
Just finished this excellent level! And enjoyed it so very much (as I have the entire Rescue series). I believe this is the final installment of The Rescue, and there was to be a bonus level where you actually get to rescue Von Croy if you meet the requirements. According to the the author's download page, you must have 9 stars, and I only have 7! I don't think I found any of them in this level! Can someone point me in the right direction to find these two stars?

Edit: There's only one star in this level.

29th Jan 2003, 04:56
Geez - I just left your other post - I only have two stars so far, in L5, Osiris - think that is par so far ???

29th Jan 2003, 14:19
Originally posted by JunoJIm
Geez - I just left your other post - I only have two stars so far, in L5, Osiris - think that is par so far ???

Gosh, I don't know..... I was there months ago and don't remember how many stars per level.
What I did was (once I finished a level), to re-play the level using the walk as a guide. I believe using the walk will ensure getting the necessary stars. Sure hope so, I want to rescue Von Croy!:D

30th Jan 2003, 00:00
Man, did I make a mistake in Rescue 12. Where you run into the first mutant scorpion, I didn't notice the openable door in the wall, and I played on and finished the game without making it to the bonus level (or at least, the next level was Karnak with the "butt" bug). This door opened up several new areas to explore. I have found the Colors of Apophis but I'm not sure what it means. I've already found the end of the game and wonder if I was supposed to use the colors to find my way to the end? Hope I haven't gotten things out of sequence!

Anyway, there's still at least one more area to explore, looks like the basement of the library. Haven't figured out how to get in there yet, there's a gate blocking the way. Looks like I need a jewel or something to place in a receptacle to open the gate. And I still haven't found the two stars I need to play the bonus level.:(

Anybody got any ideas on how to get the artifact to open the gate to the basement?

Edit: Okay, just got an email from Pascal, and oh, what a devious mind!;) :p Here's a hint: Remember the mirror room from The Last Crusade? Remember how it revealed something to you if you looked in it at just the right angle? Hmmmm?;) :p

Another edit: On the download site, it says there are 9 stars required to access the bonus level. In the email today, Pascal says the 8th star is the last secret. ???????

Hope to find out real soon!:D

1st Feb 2003, 04:22
I'll have to remember that - just finished the Osiris level, needed the walk to find that invisible column - would've never (maybe) :D found it !!!

1st Feb 2003, 13:41
Yes, hurry and catch up to the 12th level, JJ! It's more fun when you can compare notes during the game. There's a 13th level on the way.:D

1st Feb 2003, 22:17
I'm still oh Imothep's Challenge.
I got stuck not too far into it.. but I"m sure I'll figure my way out soon.
I forgot how many stars I have... hopefully I'll be able to rescue Von Croy soon ;).

1st Feb 2003, 22:32
Okay, just got this info from Pascal, for all of you that want to be sure you get the right stuff to play the bonus level.

At the end of The Rescue 11 (The Hidden Experiment) you should have 7 stars and 45 secrets. At the end of Rescue 12 (The search for Apophis) you must have 8 stars and 48 secrets (the statement on the tro-online site about having 9 stars is wrong).

The 13th level IS the bonus level, and Pascal will release it as soon as it is ready. He didn't say when that will happen, but I hope it will be soon!

I commented to him that I was looking forward to "The Rescue" of von Croy (after all, that's what this is all about, right?), and his comment was, "Rescue Von Croy??? ......... You'll see!;) "

So what does THAT mean? Stay tuned.........YOU'LL SEE!!!!

:) :D ;)

2nd Feb 2003, 04:21
I just started the Evil Spell level, may never catch up !!!

HB - I thought you said Rescue was repetitive - this underwater maze is killing me !!!

3rd Feb 2003, 02:47
JJ, keep at it..........you'll get there. I'm playing Rescue 12 again and working on a walkthrough for it, so there'll be help when you need it.:)

Note: The Evil Spell level, I think that's where Lara actually has bloody cuts on her body and her clothes are torn! Something I have not seen or heard of in any other level.

3rd Feb 2003, 04:15
Yup - Here she is !!! I noticed, and took a shot, just for posterity...
Finally made it thru the uw maze, now running from that weird red creature - LOL:D