View Full Version : The old "Cant grab coplanar case" ploy!

25th Jan 2003, 14:31
When I optimize I get that error.

I tried "hilight_check_snap"

and "hilight_do_snap" but that doesn't fix it.

Any other ideas?

25th Jan 2003, 17:36
Use area brushes and optimize to narrow down the area where the problem occurs..(you'll have to keep a close eye on it if you have a fast pc because on a fast machine the dos box closes really fast when you optimize small areas)..It's probably a solid within a solid or something built at a low grid size, however it can even be caused by doors, weird timing with air brushes etc. I once had it appear if i deleted a certain air brush. Coplanars can appear and disappear in peculiar ways..

Personally i've found the best way to avoid this is to save after each (non-error) optimize, then you'll know what you've added recently is causing the error if and when it appears. Then you can deal with it or just revert back to an earlier save.
Finally, if you're nearly finished building it may not matter that much. If you're still in early or mid stages prolly best to get rid of it. However it is just a *warning*, and you'll find people will offer different opinions as to the importance of it.

25th Jan 2003, 17:39
Thanks, it's nearly finished

25th Jan 2003, 17:46
BTW, how do you do that exactly?

Just optimizing an area brush

25th Jan 2003, 18:08
Create an area brush, then just click 'show hot'. Then optimize. Click 'show all' to show everything again.

25th Jan 2003, 18:47
Then do you delete the area brush you just created?

26th Jan 2003, 03:00
chief, if you have a large fm going which im sure you do, more than likely youll get this error. i have currently 5 of them. i released dread, my first level, with this error still showing up. never had any problems with it. someone once said it will crash the renderer but it never crashed for me. the error is usally from a solid brush, most notably a stair or something like that. its so hard to find the bad brush, i used an area brush and deleted every brush one at a time and still got the error! so i gave up and learned to deal with it. unless it crashes dromed in the future, i wouldnt spend hours trying to find the bad brush. it shows up during optimize right?

yes you can delete the area brush you just created just like any brush. it wont hurt anything inside the area brush, it should all return to normal.. to answer your question