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25th Jan 2003, 08:08
Hi, I have Eden for my PS 2 and I seem to have run into a slight problem with progression.

Can anybody offer any hints or ideas as to where to look or what I may have missed.

Currently I have Minoko and Amber in the construction site, in front of the electro magnet adjacent to the quarry. The quarry and magnet control panel is guarded by one of those bone head baddies. I have tried activating the control panel via a hover cam, but nothing is working.

Minoko is unable to move forward due to a steam pipe, Amber is unable to cross the gap between the concrete path and the iron grating leading to the elevators and control platform.

Carter and Andre are one floor above them after having gone through the two available floors of the old house they gained access to via the wrecking ball.

If anybody could offer some assistance, it would be much appreciated before I pull the rest of my hair out.



25th Jan 2003, 15:46
Ok, remember that access key that Andre/Carter used to get past the puzzle where Carter controlled the crane so Andre could retrieve said access key? If you haven't got it, go back and get it.

Now, take both men up to the room where you're overlooking the room where the movable floor it. You can get to a doorway directly above where the apartment door fell in. Quicksave.

Now, if you angle the jump right, you can land on there just fine and take the blokes up the meet the girls. Have whoever has the access key use it to take people through the crusher (leave the key in the lock so people can use it again). Shoot any boneheads you see, and have Minoko open the panel. Enter lift.

...Not the standard procedure. But Construction Zone is probably the most non-linear level of the lot.

Confused? PM me or reply here and I'll try and explain better :)

25th Jan 2003, 23:45
Non-linear?? That's a understatement. Mazes are easier to navigate ;) :D

Wierd how they put that as the 2nd level... :/