View Full Version : Thief2 after patching dosnt find CD?

22nd Jan 2003, 08:31

i installed thief 2 on win2000.
it's working just fine.

but if i patch it to version 1.18
i can't play, becuase it says :

Please insert correct CD....

i didnt change the drive letter for cd.
i only patched the game.

can someone tell me how to fix it?

22nd Jan 2003, 16:01
I picked this advice up at the TTLG General Thief Discussion forum. Apparently this problem isn't unusual. I hope their solution helps.

I have patched Thief 2 from version 1.07 to version 1.18. Now, whenever I try to run Thief 2, I get a "Cannot find CD-Rom" error message, even if the CD is in the drive! What can I do?
This is a known problem with some versions of Thief 2 (namely the UK Premier Collection version). The copy protection on the CD was changed and is faulty, so Thief 2 will no longer work when patched. To fix this, you have to remove the copy protection.

Download this patch (http://thief.math.uh.edu/patches/T2PremierPatch107-118.exe) instead, it's a different version of the patch (larger than the normal patch file) which solves the fault copyprotection problem, as provided by Sold Out, the distributors of the Thief 2 version with the patch problem.