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22nd Jan 2003, 01:13
When I got my XP upgrade I could not get TDP to work. I finally got it to work by doing the install by doing d:\setup.exe -lgntforce. I got though the fisrt mission, But when the game started to go to the next one it crashed to my desktop. I had no problems in ME and now I can't play it. I've looked high and low to try and fix this issue and can't find anything that will help. I'm stuck and can't figure it out.I have pent4 , 1.6 ghz processor with 256 mb ram. I hope someone might have an answer. Please help! TIA !

Munin the Raven
22nd Jan 2003, 02:25
Exactly when did it crash? Does it crash when it tries to play the briefing for the next mission, when it's loading the next mission, when the next mission starts?

Also, do you XP Home or XP Pro?

22nd Jan 2003, 02:47
Set the compatibility mode of the game exe(thief.exe) to Windows 2000.

This may or may not help, but other problems with XP and Thief have been fixed this way.

22nd Jan 2003, 03:28
It crashes after showing the mission complete. I'm running the game in compatibility mode for win 2000 and it's xp home. I also read a previous post about the indeo codecs and tried a reinstall of them by going to the cd and opening the IV5PLAY.EXE and it still isn't working.

Grey Mouser
22nd Jan 2003, 19:00
Update the drivers - even if you got the computer last week - for video and sound cards (by the way...what video and sound card does your system have? Go to Start>Run>type dxdiag> hit OK...look on Display and Sound tabs), also make sure you have installed Service Pack 1 for XP Home.

Although Thief and Thief II were not designed or tested with Windows XP or Win 2000 in mind, they generally work fine on my XP Home test system, without setting compatibility modes or anything special, other than an occaisional re-install of the (non-XP-version) movie codecs.

Post back with the vid and sound card info, I'll see what else I can suggest.

22nd Jan 2003, 19:17
I have a radeon ve 64 mb vid card by ati, and a creative sb live sound card. I have done all the updates for xp including sp1. I try to keep everything as up to date as possible. I just wish I could get it to work.

Grey Mouser
23rd Jan 2003, 00:21
Hmmm...for the SB Live, the last four digits of the version # (I think) should be .3509, for the Radeon VE .6255...are those the versions you are running (check in dxdiag to verify)?

Also, when you installed the vid driver did you make sure to Follow the Instructions, and Uninstall the older driver before installing the newer version? If not, do so.

Does it make any difference if you run Thief in Software mode for video (Options>Video>Hardware OFF) or Sound (Options>Audio>Hardware OFF)?

23rd Jan 2003, 00:36
The radeon ve version is the creative is I haven't tried the software mode did not know that. I will try and let you know.

Grey Mouser
23rd Jan 2003, 00:50
Try updating the sound card driver first (after checking the software modes)...the .3300 version seems to be not ready for prime time, but the .3509 works well for me.

You should not have to run it in SW mode given your hardware, but it is useful sometimes to check...if it runs in Hardware OFF for video but not w/Hardware ON it is most likely a video issue...if it runs with Hardware OFF for Sound, it is most likely a Sound driver problem.

23rd Jan 2003, 01:08
YOUR THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The software thing worked. I sure do thank you. If you get down TX way I will Have to buy you a beer or two. THANKS A BUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grey Mouser
23rd Jan 2003, 01:11
Thanks for the beverage offer :)

Still, you should not _have_ to run it in SW mode, so do try updating the sound card driver and possibly the vid driver as well...(but I am curious, was it SW for Sound that fixed it? or SW for Video?).

At any rate, glad you are back to Taffing instead of Crashing :D


23rd Jan 2003, 01:14
SW for video. I will have to do those recommended updates though after I get some thievery in first. Again cold beer and many THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grey Mouser
23rd Jan 2003, 01:35
Thanks for letting us know it was Video...follow the instructions when installing the newer drivers.

Also, you are Most Welcome! Stop by any 'ol time dawg...and Thieve On!