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21st Jan 2003, 13:48
Hi all...

I just wondered what our fan friends and members think on our Membership CP System, which forces all our visitors to register to system in order to view the contents of TRComm. Did you like this option? Or do you want it be removed and you could log on without any registration need?

21st Jan 2003, 16:12

Do it or not. The thing is for me that your page is very buggy. Means if I use e.g. NN 4.8/Mac or any other not-IE I cannot use the most there. And a propper page should be to use for all! Right?
To make a more propper work you should use for CSS
http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/ that's an official validator for CSS and
http://validator.w3.org/ that's an official validator for HTML. Both are for free.
I know how problematic this some times is, but also that it is worth! A "smooth" system is the A and O.

Don't feel p*ss*d off, it is just MHO.

About you question. In my experience an open system brings more people, live, problems. A closed better control, overview. What ever you do, one thing you always should do. Run log files (IP!) and tell this the people before the register or what ever!
And be prepared for a trouble maker...they are everywhere. In this case: NO mercie! Hope that helps.

Have fun!

22nd Jan 2003, 07:58
hi, thanks midroth for your critics,

but however we have declared that our site is IE complied, and NN can have problems during system processings.... And one more thing: NN has already lost its part in browsing world. It has only 10 or 15% of total browser usage, so we did not make extra efforts for its compliance. we use CSS as well, but i don`t think there are problems with NN in this matter. Our site contains only some HTML compliance problems when browsed with NN, but those are not security related. you mentioned about IP showing method, but it would rather make our visitors get afraid, than threaten hackers and crackers.

22nd Jan 2003, 12:08
Hi, I don't say show the IP, just LOG her and tell them you do. ~Comparable to this board.
Sorry, your argument NN holds "just" 10-15% is anyhow poor. There are Lynx, Voyager, Opera and ~30 other browsers, too. Are they not welcome? Look, Win isn't all, but a correct code! Also it isn't changing the fact that if you check your page with the mentioned validators you will get an "oups" (careful said). w3.org=M.I.T. are the "founders" of HTML, they definate the tags our browser are using. The make the rules, in easy words.
But it's your page...

Have fun!

22nd Jan 2003, 13:40
Yeah, i think u r partly right. we should make some compliance corrections for NN, Opera and Konqueror browsers. But you know it very well that there are too many standards that NN does not comply at least. <div>. the most essential tag of HTML and dHTML is not accepted by NN, it has its own: <layer>. And this is just an example. And trying to make the site complied with all of these browsers, enlarges the size of files, which result in higher download intervals.

TRComm fully supports NN 7.0 and later, which is the mostly used NN version. There are some little problems at the top side of the pages, but they will be removed asap. What about Opera compliance. its a work of our next skin renovation - in near future.

Again thanks for your ideas... We appreciate your support...

22nd Jan 2003, 23:07
We stay friends, ok? ;)
Indeed there are <blink> NN, <marquee> IE, a.s.o. (JavaScript can be the horror) but just one valid HTML-Tag code and this one is the one we should follow (so good as possible). Browser bugs are not our problem, we do not build them! May they fix the developer of.

Good luck with your page.

Have fun!

30th Jul 2004, 09:37
Sure :)

*sighs* 18 months passed from last post