View Full Version : Which custom level gave you the most trouble!

20th Jan 2003, 15:57
First of all I think that custom levels are better off if they are difficult, to an extent. After all, most people playing them and probably all people making them must be pretty proficient raiders. The list I put together is just a sample of some of the ones I have played - feel free to mention others.

BTW I chose Psiko. I don't like to cheat and use hints... but I absolutely had to. Actually a level I never finished was "Castle Doomsday" - but I think I found a bug that made it impossible. Shame that, I was quite enjoying it.

20th Jan 2003, 17:16
Piega's definitely. :p Especially Sanctuaries.

20th Jan 2003, 19:17
Psiko's confuse me more than anything. I stopped playing for 3 months one time because I couldn't figure out something.

25th Jan 2003, 20:59
i think that any good custom level should have you stuck or confused a bit but the one(s) that gave me the most troble and only played a bit of it is santuary of fwi

25th Jan 2003, 23:57
South America was impressive at first, but then it stumped me so bad and so many times, I had to give it up.:( There was a spike puzzle in "The Forgotten World" I never did figure out (tried for days!). Aquarius was playing it, too, I think he didn't figure it out, either.

I may have had some kind of problem with installing it, since there were several strange things that happened. For instance, a T-Rex got stuck in a wall while Lara just stood there and looked at him. A little bit later he got free and was about to attack Lara while she was pushing a block, then he just disappeared while standing up, even though she wasn't shooting at him. Then, when the next level was supposed to load (I think) I was dumped back to Karnak. I think I will eventually download it again and try it, but for now, South America is the only custom game I could not finish because of the difficulty and suspected problems.

26th Jan 2003, 02:13
Thanks, Boo, I might wait 'till you play it - I've had probs with a few custom games - messed up Last Crusade somehow, saw Lara's butt everywhere - now I know that's an indication of a prob !!!

27th Jan 2003, 00:14
COTW was the hardest for me. I think it's virtually impossible to finish without help! :o

27th Jan 2003, 04:01
COTW was awesome.. I've never played a level like it. The last crusade was pretty good too... that last room with the winding stairs is amazing.. that has to be my favorite room of the entire level.
Right now I'm playing The Rescue.. it's alright.. but kind of repetitive (ie. same traps, same puzzles, same jump patterns..etc).
I wonder what's going to happen when I finally free Von Croy.. Lol.

27th Jan 2003, 14:23
Originally posted by HikingBoots
Right now I'm playing The Rescue.. it's alright.. but kind of repetitive (ie. same traps, same puzzles, same jump patterns..etc).
I wonder what's going to happen when I finally free Von Croy.. Lol.

HB, if you find the last two gold stars needed to free Von Croy (i.e., play the bonus level) let me know where they are. I've finished the 12th level (Search for Apophis) and didn't find them.:(
I posted this in an earlier thread, but have no responses yet.

29th Jan 2003, 04:51
Hey Boo - I'm in L5, Osiris, just finished moving those blocks around - this may take me 'till AOD is out... I have two gold stars now, but I guess you mean another two - whew !!!

COTW was the most difficult for me - besides figuring everything out, were the moves psiko taught us !!!

1st Feb 2003, 01:09
The Last Crusade was kinda hard. And on the Asphaeings Amulet 1-3 I had to take a quick look at walkthrus a couple of times since I usually couldn't see what was right in front of my very eyes. Other levels were really simple. And some meaningless. Now, I'm trying to play Astrodelica but it's so ... hmmm ... strange! I haven't figured it out yet! Oh yeah, I had to use a little walkthru ocasionally also on The Lost City of Pompeii...

3rd Feb 2003, 13:21
Well, I have to say I found Astrodelica so weird, should I say hard, I just gave it up. Sorry... Now I'm playing Escape from Sintech City....... which, after having played it some more, is giving me a headache because of the abnormal number of fixed camera angles which do nothing for the game that would otherwise be very nice - and not another Egyptian level! It has a nice initial sequence with a helicopter, laughing SAS baddies, dobbermans, a cool blue motorcycle, enough ambiance, small med-packs wich are in fact small bottles of Lacozade or Larazade or something, several original touches, then... But I just may have to give it up for something else that's more playable (goes get some aspirins)... Am I loosing my touch?