View Full Version : Help. I am stuck in TRC for PC.

20th Jan 2003, 00:47
I am playing TR Chronicles for the PC.
I have cleared a few of the levels and now I am stuck.

I am in the room with the elevated causeway with the small hole in the middle. I have pulled the chain to elevate the small pedestal.
But I cannot reach this pedestal before it sinks back into the floor.
Both of the other doors in the room are still sealed.


20th Jan 2003, 01:19
Hmm, if I remember correctly, pull the chain 3 times, and then run as fast as you can to reach the pedestal in time. This is one of everyone's 'favorite' things, a timed run! :p :rolleyes: lol

Good luck, and run like the wind! ;)

20th Jan 2003, 01:19
hint: pull the chain 3 or 4 times. then run and make your way up to the top where the pedestal is. but you cant take your time! it's going to take a few tries tho ;)

edit: aqua u took the words right out of my mouth lol :p

25th Jan 2003, 03:30
Rats. I used to have a screen shot showing the fastest route back, but now I can't find it. :( Oh, well, you probably don't need it. The trick is that you have to be able to control Lara really well. Forget the "walk to the edge, jump back, then take a running jump and grab" routine. The big problem is that there are two of these jumps, and--if you do everything else just right--you'll only have time to do the "jump back" start for one of them. You'll need to master hitting "jump" at just the right time while Lara is on the run.

27th Jan 2003, 06:06
That's funny, I just solved all my TRC probs...
My CD simply exploded !!!

27th Jan 2003, 06:40
You must have one of those new "2000X" CD drives! They have the unusual property where the outside of the disc actually travels faster than the speed of light, resulting in the first three levels being loaded in the future and played before buying the game.

(You thought those were demos, didn't you?)

L Croft
27th Jan 2003, 14:01
dhandreotta to get that artifact you have to make the timed run back to the top. After pulling the chain 3 or 4 times, hop back run around the pole and fall to the elevated walkway below, then run and jump along the path to where she is about to fall and jump and grab first, press jump just before she falls and grab and pull up. Run forwards and jump again when she is just about to run off, grab and pull up, side flip to the left, then roll and run forwards and slightly to the right, jump again grab pull up and quickly grab the artifact.
I hope this works for you, good luck :)

28th Jan 2003, 04:47
rimfire !!! I liked that !!!

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