View Full Version : How many savegames do you make on the average raiding adventure?

19th Jan 2003, 16:28
How many savegames do you make on a tomb raiding game?

I save a lot, about 200+


19th Jan 2003, 17:30
He who raids and saves away, lives to raid another day!


19th Jan 2003, 18:00
that was beautiful davej lol
yeah i save a lot during the game because i hate dying and then if you didnt save after a hard part you get pissed and you have to do it all over. im not sure how many times i save but it depends on the level.
ive also made the mistake of playing the last level in TR1 and saving it as i was falling to my death.

The Godfather
19th Jan 2003, 20:23
If it weren't for my everlasting obsession with Lara Croft, I'd wanna do it less than a 100 times ... but I couldn't - not with my dearest Lara. It'd be like killing myself - and I'd hate that. :D

19th Jan 2003, 20:24
I hate having to do things over again! So I save... A lot! :o

20th Jan 2003, 01:52
Let's see, the first time I ever played TR1, I had close to 2,000 saves! lmao! :p

It's not so bad now....maybe 100 or 200 saves. :)

20th Jan 2003, 17:35
i save a lot, the first time thru the game anyway.
once i was trying to load a game but it didn't work, i was in the save menu but didn't have a clue, so eventually i saved over quite a few files before realizing i was in the wrong menu! man i was pissed..

21st Jan 2003, 06:17
I save fairly often.

Usually I save just before and right after difficult moves and jumps in a Tomb Raider game.

I try to save often enough to enable Lara not to have to repeat too much if she gets killed in the game.


21st Jan 2003, 09:27
I save a lot, just to save time really ;)

21st Jan 2003, 11:29
I used to laugh at my best friend's little sister because she saves a lot! I used to think that it was weird....but now I see that I'm the one who's weird. :eek:
I'm the only one who voted for 50-100.

L Croft
21st Jan 2003, 20:07
I can't stand doing the same thing more than once so I save alot at the end of TRLR I had saved over 1500 times :eek:

21st Jan 2003, 20:50
I save to many times to count but it's in the good cause of helping my dearest friend Larie out. (yes I know Lara isn't real but she would truely be my best friend if she was so that's why I call her Lar's).

22nd Jan 2003, 22:53
:D LOTS!!!!!:D

23rd Jan 2003, 02:42
Like roughly about a zillion times, plus or minus a few.

23rd Jan 2003, 04:49
I even save my savegames in numbered folders, in case I want to jump into the middle of a game sometime later...

Chris-Craig Michaels
23rd Jan 2003, 04:55
I save 200+ times per game, in every game except TR1 and TR3. TR1 is just so easy, and I love to replay stuff, so I get about 150 saves in there. But in TR3, I have played it and love it so much that I challenge myself by saving only at the save crystals (I am in Area 51 now, rock on!)

THE True Lara
24th Jan 2003, 14:39
I'm paranoid,
Currently replaying TR3, end of Nevada desert, (Level 4)
Saves so far = 507

24th Jan 2003, 22:18
Aqua - LMAO - Gawd I thought I was bad dear 650 saves on my first ever Tombraider - TRII - its gotten less with experience ;) ! But I still save around 300 times per game!!

TRChik - LMAO again - I have soooooo done that too!!!

DaveJ - WOW - you missed your way in life dear!! Your a poet but do you know it?????

24th Jan 2003, 22:45
I used to save a lot when I was a Padawan Learner.
Now I can get through TR I, II, and III while only save thrice per level
or less. Once at the start, once partway through, and once after a couple
of the annoying bits.
I still save often on Last Rev and Chronicles.

28th Jan 2003, 05:43
I wish eidos made unlimited saves possible, Theres lots of bits I'd like to redo but I can only keep, say, the first save on a level.


Lord Pomposity
11th Jul 2003, 19:38
I'm very bad about this.

When I began playing TRLR, I noticed that unlike 1 and 2 (haven't played 3 yet) the slots had 3 digits with zeros in front of the unused ones (such as 007, 056, etc.).

When I reached the Sphinx Complex (with about 700 or so saves), I cut back because I wasn't sure if I'd still be able to save after 999 saves.

I finished the game with about 850.

12th Jul 2003, 06:08
certainly more than 1000:D

Tomb Raider Fan
17th Jul 2003, 19:43
No...Not more than 1000! I thought i saved alot!!!!!!! lol!!! Saying that......Aquarius saves are over 2000!!!!lol I would say about 400 4 me :D

Feisty Croc
21st Jul 2003, 15:00
I save hundreds of times....and I always save on alternate files now, ever since I saved in TR1 in that mirror image of Lara level and found out afterwards NOT to save as there was a bug in the game... grrrrrrr

Notts Raider
22nd Jul 2003, 17:05
its really difficult to say, you lose track with 2, 4 and 6. In 1 and 3 you can only save so many times anyway but that just makes you good at the moves.

Although i have to say i'm sure i got below 50 on TR2, it was my mission for the game. :D

24th Jul 2003, 00:03
It's hard to tell exactly how many because I play on PS2. But I usually save the start of a level in one block and the rest of the game on another so if I screw up badly I can go back to the start of the level. Learnt my lesson after LR when I had to start ALL OVER AGAIN. :)

7th Aug 2003, 21:34
A LOT. I'm not quite sure with most of my games, 'cause they're for the playstation. I might possibly get as high as 300, I imagine. I played Lost Artifact on PC, and that came around to around 110. Wow!:p

15th Aug 2003, 19:34
I save after I kill every bad guy.

I'm not quite sure how many that is because I always lose count around 10,000 saves.

Muad Dib
6th Sep 2003, 03:23
I save a LOT! primarily for the same reason others have mentioned, I don't like repeating something I've already done right away. But I also save al lot for fear I'll stumble across irrecoverable bug deep into a level and have to start completely over. What I also do is:

Save immediately at the beginning of every level and copy that savegame to an archive directory and rename it appropriately.

Save at the entrance to each room/area and note which savegame number it is, then I save, one more time, a "working savegame". Then within that room/area I will save as much as I feel like and overwrite the "working savegame" knowing I can always reload the room/area entrance save game if needed.

This just keeps me from wrapping around the limited number of savegeame slots available too quickly.


Notts Raider
20th Sep 2003, 12:50
I've just done Chronicles and I did it in less than 50

1st Oct 2003, 09:35
Originally posted by Lord Pomposity
2When I reached the Sphinx Complex (with about 700 or so saves), I cut back because I wasn't sure if I'd still be able to save after 999 saves.

It can be done.. :D.. well at least on my TRLE....

Anyway.. average savegame.. hmmmmm

about 150 - 200

Once when I look to the savegame page, I was suprised to see it was over 100 savegames... I mean.. it's just like I've only saved a few...... :D