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19th Jan 2003, 06:37
id just like to say hi im new to these forums u prob alrdy guessed i dont like gem slugs but enough about me...
HELP ive been playing this game a while and Skrashers are still a huge problem... (i alrdy realized they come from meamus)
how do these Meamus get on my station?!?

Jim & Gim the Turakken
19th Jan 2003, 10:43
Hi, im also new (just), the answere to your question would be that Memaus come on board your station through the docking port at any time really, they're random but i think they really do come when you have lots of littler lying around, from what i find, theres one level were arona comes and sells you 5 memaus, you can buy them if you want, but if you dont want em thats too bad, cause unfortunently he lets em loose and they come out of your dock automatically

There is another way to get rid of the problem were memau's "impregnate" a peep, but itd be good if you completed the game first, anyway, here it is

Harmless Memau, Zippy's Way
This way changes the ammount of litter the memau needs to eat.
Just edit the number at MEMAU_TARGET_LEVEL which can
be found in "Build_changers_in00.txt" (in the missions/00 folder) .
just add a couple more figures to the current number

hope it helps ;)

19th Jan 2003, 13:49
Memau's EAT litter.

Once a memau is full of litter. Then, and only then, will it infect a peep. That peep has upto 200 seconds to get medical attention, or they die in a huge pop as the Skrasher appears. That's not a lot, most of illnesses are over twice that time.

A clean station is a Skrasherless station!

Jim & Gim the Turakken
19th Jan 2003, 13:52
A clean station is a Skrasherless station

so, anti-gemslug, cant pickup rubbish eh? ;)

19th Jan 2003, 14:00

An Administrator should never have to stoop to the level of picking up litter.

A couple of Mk1 Scuzzers set to litter patrol in areas of high-problem (shops, dine-o-mats, etc) with a recharger nearby and you won't need to worry. :D

19th Jan 2003, 16:58
My Stations are always spotless i make Litter bins a first priorty but skrashers seem to come anyways.. :(
what about these Plagued ships and stuff that u get on ur comsensors u think they're already infected?

19th Jan 2003, 19:32
Good point. I forgot them.

If you get an incoming transmission that reads like this:
"SOS. We are a Nostro class Lifeboat - we have infected crew aboard. We wish to dock for medical assistance. The company is willing to pay an additional 1000e for each crewmember saved."

That will drop off emergancy peeps that have the alien spawn illness. Reject this, it's near-impossible to cure them before they die. They come onto the station on low health to start with, so you get about 60 seconds . . . no where near long enough.

Reject that message!

Jim & Gim the Turakken
20th Jan 2003, 03:23
No wonder i kept gettin skrashers all of a sudden after accepting that message?!?

21st Jan 2003, 19:11
I always seem to cure them all anyways...

Glass Ghost
24th Jan 2003, 02:36
Build a sick bay near each port, it works for me!:D

28th Jan 2003, 22:26
Don't build any dine-o-mats on the engineering level. Build them all on the pleasure deck.

Memau enter your station via the dock on the engineering deck. Dine-o-mats are a source of litter. If you have litter on the engineering deck, you're going to get memau infecting people with skrasher embryos.

Medical Grey
29th Jan 2003, 02:30
I like fighting skrashers! I have this fanfic thats based on a station so i include skrashers onboard i include skrashers in story.