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18th Jan 2003, 18:19
I've got FF7 and played it for awhile and suddenly have the urge to play it again, but when I'm trying to install something it says "CD has caused an error in movie -121" or something along those lines.

Anybody have any way to get around this so i can install the game and play it?

19th Jan 2003, 10:29
Is it a fresh install or a re-install?

19th Jan 2003, 17:50
well it should be considering I have a new PC since the last time i installed it. I was hoping my new pc would help negat some of the freezing points I had problem with before (had to get saved game files from other sides)

So i'm pretty sure it's a fresh install, although I didn't have this problem last time I tried.

22nd Jan 2003, 21:34
Plz does anybody have an answer for this? I really really want to play ff7 again, non of my buddies have ff7 on the PC so i couldn't borrow theirs.

However i looked around to see if it would be easier just to buy a new one but i see ff7 is still going for like $39.00 :eek: :eek:
So i really don't want to buy a new one.

Does anybody have any clue how to fix these problems? I've tried standard and maximum (thinking since movies only play off the cd in one, maybe i could bypass the error, but it didn't work). Am i basically screwed ? it can only get to about 62%...


22nd Jan 2003, 21:49

Is the Cd scratched or something? I hear a thing called Disk Doctor cleans disk pretty well.....

Does the Cd Install on another computer....if it does, maybe the Cd-rom on your new computer has issues, maybe it needs to be flashed.

Someone here had figured a way to install FF7 without using the FF7 install disk....but I don't know how he did it....and I don't know if he's still around. FF7 load's itself to the windows registery.

I hear that some people have copyied the whole disk to the Harddrive, and then reburned a new disk....I doubt that will work.... I don't have the slightest clue what is wrong....except that you have a bad disk.

If you get a hold of Redlegg he can give you instructions on how to trade in your bad disk for a new one.....I don't think it's free though.


23rd Jan 2003, 00:49
thx i'll take a look at this disk doctor thing

yeah it's kinda scratched, but nothing like a gauge..i have cd's about 1000 times worse that still work/install fine.

Hmmph. Was this ff7 non-install disk actually a thread? because maybe that would help. I'll try messing with the putting the files on the PC and burning, maybe it may work.

23rd Jan 2003, 01:17
YES! I got it to install

I just took the entire Install CD and copied it to my C drive

then installed it from the C: and it went through! w00h00

thank you guys for all your help!

23rd Jan 2003, 01:43
lol now i can't get the disk to play..........ARGGHHH

i'll be back after I scour the net for all patches.

23rd Jan 2003, 02:23
okay it's installed but it's not reading any of the 3 cd's.....

so.......... i'm giving up and i'm going to borrow my buddies Playstation and FF7...................boo now i can't watch TV while playing lol.

23rd Jan 2003, 15:53
Your running it in WinXP, I bet....

You need to run it in Windows 98 compatibility mode. And your going to need the Chocobo patch. And unless you have a Geforce card or TNT. Run it in software mode.

Oh...wait.....you installed from your c:drive....

You need to go into window's registory and change the movie path and the data path to your Cd-rom drive letter.


method 3...near the bottom of the page....

once you find the FF7 part in Windows registory change the data line and the movie path line to your Cd-rom drive letter.

23rd Jan 2003, 21:07
Nope I'm running Windows ME


Geforce 3 ti200

512mb ram

23rd Jan 2003, 21:10
i don't know how to do anything with windows registry, etc. so i'm lost heh

24th Jan 2003, 16:03
The link has the instructions....

Geez do I have to do everything.....


....run regedit (Start>Run>Regedit>OK) and find the following key:


You will find the line that says:



So go to Run of windows, and type "regedit" then find/follow the path: Hkey_local_machine...etc, ect.

Once you find the path you'll probably see, C:\ff7\movies\
all you'll have to do is change the C into a D....if your cd rom is D:.

and I think there is another line/"drive letter" you'll have to change....I can't remember, but I think it says "data"....I can look it up, at about, 7:00 tonight.....

24th Jan 2003, 16:13
the link talked about how to install win95 or win98 not change the movie path

24th Jan 2003, 16:22
you sure?

anyway just follow the instuctions, you'll do fine.

24th Jan 2003, 18:21
well in sending the Movie files to my hard-drive

I believe i've found out what movie -121 error was in

It's in the movie file

Junin_go and Junin_in this file can not be read from the CD. So apparently this is the one causing all my problems.

*EDIT* actually it's the following movie files

I guess this part of the CD is messed up because they are all in a certain section (alphabetically)


all the others work but these.....any ideas as to how i could obtain these movie files?

24th Jan 2003, 20:00
I don't know about all of them...but some of the movies are on the other disks. Such as transition type movies, AVI's such as elevators sequences. Storyline movies are the only ones that are disk specific.

I thought you got that error on your install disk?

Does the install disk put those movies on your harddrive? Because if it does, I don't think the program looks for them. All the movies are accessed from the play disks.

If you can't find them on the other disks, I guess you can substitute a working AVI for the broken one, by renaming. Of course the correct movie won't play while your playing.

24th Jan 2003, 21:52
okay well i found the Junin go and in on the 2nd disc

however i couldn't find the others so i'm just going to replace them.....here's to hoping it works!

thanks Rengar for all your helP! heh.

26th Jan 2003, 04:59
Well, If I wasn't on dial up...I'd email you the others (although your IP probably won't let that large of a file to go through)....or upload to geocities or something..

But, I'm on dial up.

Oh, the drives in the registory....you probably already figured it out


those are the two that need to show your cdrom drive letter.

26th Jan 2003, 17:21
yeah it's working perfectly fine, it's just now it shows the movie for the elevator in Junon instead of what it's supposed to on the corrup movie files.

Which by coincidence is EXACTLY where my game used to freeze before and i'd need to request a saved game (at the beginning when Wedge jumps out of the place with his butt on fire)

So apparently all the problems i used to have were due to this 4 defected movie files.

Once again thx, now i can enjoy one of the best games ever all-over again!.

27th Jan 2003, 16:18
You could ask Redleggs about getting a replacement....I guess.

28th Jan 2003, 21:40
It probably be too much of a hassel it's worked completely so far (i'm up to the first Jenova Battle)

and now since i have a larger hard drive i'd probably never have to uninstall it again so i don't think it matter as much, but thanks anyway!