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18th Jan 2003, 04:49
Well, I have tried everything I know of, and been through all the old threads on this level - but I am stuck. I keep reading about how people picked up the second eye piece in the room with the lever and skeleton (not that the skeleton appeared for me). I have got this eye piece, and been to the room where it has to be put. But I don't have the other piece of the eye!?! Nobody else seemed to have any problems with it, so I suspect I am just being stupid! Any help would be much appreciated.:)

18th Jan 2003, 10:54
So you're missing the first piece? It is in the second room you actually enter after you start the game, where there's that really deep pit. Well, there's a monkey swing strip on the ceiling, it will take you to the eye piece. (Somebody correct me if I am wrong! :))

Good Luck!

20th Jan 2003, 15:29
thanks a lot Cycro! I would never have found that by myselfI@Well maybe I would but I am too lazy to look to be honest. Now I am wondering to myself, where does that that Hand of Orion go?...:confused:

20th Jan 2003, 15:55
ok I got it. Now I have finished the level. And I can see the link to the next level. Well, it was quite a tough level, I have to say, and at times I found it a bit dark. Psiko isn't exactly generous with the old flares...

What next, i wonder...

20th Jan 2003, 16:06
LOL this reminds me few things :)

First of all i do not use flares when playing LOL cause I was used to play really just with simple guns to register an own record of mine (less flares used)...

this was for official TR-games... so when I released the TEP for the first time, I found out people WANTED to use those flares LOL!! but my TEP had a BUG.. exactly! the FLARE BUG! It was unknown for that time, and it happens when the level has too much flame or steam emitters... the flares DO NOT WORK anymore and they do NOT light anything! TO make people to not see this, I didn't put any flare to pick up.... THen the flare bug WAS discovered so I released a new version of the TEP just few days after the first one (the one you played now is the fixed one) but I FORGOT to put more flares LOL!!!

Now this TEP is completely different from the NEW one I will put inside my TR-A complete game.. so you actually played an "alternative level" which won't be inside the entire game :)

Oh, I put my signature below just in case few others want a fast click to download my levels :) (BTW I hope you liked this TEP, it is my first level almost 2years old now, it presented the first 3D new Lara not core design's, done with the TRLE... not that beauty, I was busy to make her to work not crashing the level and too busy to discover "why" she was causing those crashes) :)

20th Jan 2003, 21:26
Yes I liked TEP as it is now, and I think it's quite hard to find the path as well! ;) I'm gonna keep it anyways, even after the entire game is released!