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18th Jan 2003, 03:25
I busted up my last game disc, and binned it, to find out that if i had kept it those nice chaps at eidos would have replaced it for me. My problem being, I REALLY love this game, and need help in locating someone that is willing to sell their copy (fat chance) "OR" if anyone is knowlegable of any sites/companies that still have a copy or 3 for sale. If poss could you post site addy or even contact details for me to find a new copy of the game? Any given help is greatly appreciated.

18th Jan 2003, 04:15
You got in contact with Redlegg?

The only places I know that you might get a copy are at Auction sites, such as ebay.


Or you can get a Playstation.

aka: Threesixty

19th Jan 2003, 10:30
Try internet stores or run a search, my local EB has some copies.

19th Jan 2003, 15:36
If its the pc version, sure no prob, but i need to find out the location of your eb so i can call them