View Full Version : I never thought I would buy it.

17th Jan 2003, 04:06
I never thought I would, but I broke down. It took 3 years. I guess seeing the previews of FFX-2, got to me. I just ordered a PS2. I think I got a fair deal on it. 170 for a referb PS2, extra controller, and 8meg mem. stick. I could have gotten FFX for around 21 dollars, but it would have been preowned. And preowned stuff doesn't always come with manuals. So it was the standard, $40 instead.

It may come in on Friday (1/16), but I probably won't get it until Monday....That's the only problem about having shipments sent to the office, instead of the home.

If games such as these, were offered on the X-box...it would be so much easier of a choice, to make.... X-box is clearly the better machine, it's too bad it doesn't have many Japanese gaming companies, backing it.

17th Jan 2003, 23:33
Well, have fun with your machine. I'm just getting around to catching up on all the PS games I missed. Got Parasite Eve, Star Ocean 2, FFT, Vagrant Story, Chrono Cross, and FFVIII all used for $13-18 each. Imagine I'll do the same with PS2, eventually. Still, surprised FFX-2 convinced you when FFX hadn't.

18th Jan 2003, 00:31
It wasn't really just FFX-2, it was more of a build up of games that I knew would never go to the Xbox or the PC. FFX being on top of that list.

It's kinda wierd, now that I think about it. When FF7PC came out, I passed it buy, too. I didn't bother buying it until??? about a year maybe? When I finally played it, FF8 was already announced to come out. Kinda like what's happening now, with me and FFX.

Between, Inu-yasha airing 4 times a week on Cartoon, TechTV's new animi series, Crest of the Stars (and the others they plan on showing) and now the bonus of playing the RPG's that I've been missed. This year is starting off, very well. Let's not forget the new seasons of SG-1 and Farscape.

BTW: Seems that Tech TV shows 8 episodes on Friday nights. It shows the 4 it aired Mon-Thurs, and then it shows 4 new ones that will air the coming Mon-Thurs. Times are 10:00-2:00 (Central Time). The show is a bit long on talk, and the speech seems, slowed down. But it's still an intresting story.