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16th Jan 2003, 16:44
Apparently these screenshots (http://www.tro-online.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=105) are somehow taken from a Playstation 2. I'm surprised at how "jaggie" the images are. I've never seen a PS2 title that doesn't look like 4XFSAA.

Guess I'll have to pump up the ole PC and see if I can get better results on that platform.

- Dave

16th Jan 2003, 17:15
Two words: image quality

16th Jan 2003, 17:19
Huh? Is that a setting in the PS2?

L Croft
16th Jan 2003, 17:55
i think s/he means that the image quality has been reduced so it pictures are a smaller file size

16th Jan 2003, 20:42
Believe me the PS2 has much nicer graphics then that, so yes it does boil down to image quailty.

16th Jan 2003, 20:45
So what you guys are saying is that some bonehead with Photoshop resampled the original screenshots without using anti-aliasing? They shouldn't be working for a gaming website if that is true...

- Dave

16th Jan 2003, 21:03
Yeah basically.