View Full Version : Hey..........Again -.-

FrogProtoType 7
16th Jan 2003, 03:10
Hey guys, just checking in again, since I found my Startopia cd after about a month of searching, just wondering who else is still here...I hope my good friends like MoS, Arctic, and the others are still around....anyway I wanted to know what good downloads there have been, mission/skins etc. Well this is KrazyKermit, atleast one reponsce would be nice-.-

16th Jan 2003, 03:53
Welcome Back! We need all of the members we can get!

16th Jan 2003, 15:20
Welcome back. :D

Unfortunatly I've not seen MoS in ages. :(
And Dracpator (I can't spell in, gah!) left. :(
And Creamy disappeared.

Check the post of downloads. There's been a few new missions out since I last remember seeing you. :)

FrogProtoType 7
17th Jan 2003, 02:35
Dang...well, I'll tend to stay here, wish I could get my old name back but oh well, anyway, I'll try to put my scripting skills back into action to give you guys some new missions, jeez...I love Startopia

25th Jan 2003, 21:29
New... MISSIONS?!?!?!

*Happy Dance*

StarTopia Post is off life support now, so send em' my way when ya finish! :)

28th Jan 2003, 02:59
Yay for increased people traffic! And yay for more mods! And yay 'cos I feel like it!