View Full Version : Do u think that AOD could win a gaming award??

15th Jan 2003, 19:54
There`s a posibility, i mean it`s a very expected game and the whole thing looks awsome, in fact too awsome... i´m just hoping that the guys from core desing don´t screw up and our beloved Tomb Raider Lara could be on the on top of the hill again.

15th Jan 2003, 19:55
By the looks of it, it has to win something. Even in the new design you can still see a lot of the old game in it.

15th Jan 2003, 21:02
Well the hopes are that Eidos and Core are not aiming towards the "best remake" category, and I'm settling with that :)

17th Jan 2003, 05:27
No it will not, why... because this game will be released around Q1 and theres soo many new (and in some cases better) games in the summer and winter that they forget about the second qauter! Maybe Game of the Month or something like that but not GOTY, no matter how good it is :( Game Awards are always base around time! Usauly this happens... Fingers Crossed...

17th Jan 2003, 20:37
I don't think it will win, either. Besides, although it's great and I can't wait till it comes out, there are a lot of games which are very hard to compete with. It might win within its own category, though (ie action / adventure). Anyhow, the new and enhanced design might make it a winner. I'm doubtful, though.

17th Jan 2003, 20:43
I don't know whether it will win or not, it could, or it couldn't ;)

18th Jan 2003, 10:22
It would be nice if it did... it would be a great way to cement Lara's return.