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14th Jan 2003, 19:25
Why is it that when someone likes something ALOT, and then another person likes another thingy, they call the other person "obsessed" just because they dont like the same thing? Dont you hate that? Please reply by puting if anyone calls you obsessed with this game, because there are alot of people who like certain things, but just because we dont like what they like, doesnt give them the right to call us obsessed. Anyone with me?!?!


14th Jan 2003, 20:20
Hey there,

Thrilled, enhanced, into-it, excited...obsessed? No way! The same thing has been said to me *endless* times! I don't know anyone else who is a TR fan, so therefore,

"The game sucks"
"I am obsessed"

Let's just put it this way: We all love the game, which is fantastic...the game is incredible...and the amount of work put into each of them is overwhelming! For those of us who have had the opportunity to play the games....we rock! For those who turn their nose upon it...well, let's just say they're missing out on alot...and remember...obsession is a good thing! :)

14th Jan 2003, 20:31
I'm sure Mark David Chapman would agree...

Me? I'm not so sure.

14th Jan 2003, 20:40
Mark David Chapman? I think he may be before my time hehe :) :) You don't agree with what?

15th Jan 2003, 09:35
Find out who he was and you'll discover why I think obsession is not always a good thing...if ever.

15th Jan 2003, 13:36
I don't know how to do a Poll, so I'll just give you multiple choice. I don't know the answer to this one, but since we've been left guessing - who is Mark David Chapman - and why is he identified with 3 names where most people only ever use two?

1) Did he stalk and then shoot John Lennon?

2) Did he wipe out a McDonald's?

3) Did he drown his 5 children in the bath-tub?

4) Did he shoot and kill Gianni Versace?

5) Did he miserably fail to assassinate Ronald Reagan?

6) Did he - like his Dad before him, wage a vendetta on a small Arab country?

7) Did he try to set his high-explosive sneakers alight on an airliner?

8) Did he shoot people from the boot of his adopted Father's car?

I really don't know. My guess is 8), because it's current. I'm hoping that DaveJ will enlighten us - but first what's the betting out there?

Oh yeah - in my experience, I've only ever been called 'obsessive' when I've indulged an interest which conflicts with what another person wants me to be interested in!

Ergo, 'obsessive' is an invented term - by people who veritably insist that you be 'obsessed' with them rather than do something more interesting instead!

It's a term used by control freaks (like Mark David Chapman, perhaps?) to try an get attention for themselves from others.

So there!

15th Jan 2003, 13:57
Right first time.

Robert Dewey Hoskins would probably not think of himself as obssessed...Madonna might disagree with him. The courts did.

Interest is fine, a keen interest is better still....but always keep an eye out for the traffic lights and road signs, kiddies.

15th Jan 2003, 14:35
Being obsessive means having a constant preoccupation with something. That in itself doesn't make you a killer/stalker/menance to society - that depends on what you're obsessive about and in what way your constant preoccupation expresses itself.

So...nothing wrong with being obsessive per se, depends on what you're obsessed with and how. I can't imagine that being obsessed with Tomb Raider will lead to anything especially bad, but who knows? Anyone collecting a Desert Eagle, M16, Grenade Launcher out there....?!

BTW Splodge, Mark David Chapman shot John Lennon.

15th Jan 2003, 14:54
Remember the TR fans interviewed on Channel 5's "Lethal & Loaded" documentary...?


15th Jan 2003, 15:11
Nope. Never saw it. Curious though about what they were up to!

Another point on this subject - obsession doesn't always lead to a negative conclusion. Nick Hornby, the author and self-confessed "obsessed" Arsenal fan, made a name for himself out of this very obsession and got lots of praise for it too! Depends how you express it...

15th Jan 2003, 15:14
Of course it does....I disagree about it being a universally 'good thing' though.

My obsession with Cherry Bakewells last year wasn't a good thing, ultimately....

15th Jan 2003, 15:24
Originally posted by DaveJ
Find out who he was and you'll discover why I think obsession is not always a good thing...if ever.

Sorry, I thought when you said "if ever" you meant "if ever" ;) Hence the example I gave.

15th Jan 2003, 15:52
Maybe I should have accentuated the if and/or the not always.

15th Jan 2003, 16:19
I see what you mean Dave...Ok then: call it a hobby! :) :)

THE True Lara
15th Jan 2003, 16:21
Originally posted by DaveJ
My obsession with Cherry Bakewells last year wasn't a good thing, ultimately....
I hope you're speaking of the detrimental effects Cherry Bakewells have on waist-lines, not something more serious??

15th Jan 2003, 16:28
Yes....my bust has increased too.

15th Jan 2003, 20:01
If you like something enough and can't have enough of it then I think they have the right to call you obsessed.:p

22nd Jan 2003, 23:00
I think obsession actually is an "unhealthy" level of interest in a person or subject so that it causes harm to the obsessee of the subject of one's obsession. Having said that I am obsessed with pie and Lara.

And I quite like cherry bakewells.