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14th Jan 2003, 09:27
I need to get past that gi nanaki guy i can't beat him you get to him the first time you go to cosmo canyon, help meeeeeeee!:mad:

14th Jan 2003, 16:29
I havent' played that game in a very long time. But they always give the bosses a weakness. I think it's holy for that guy. but not certain. Throw some cure spells at him and see what happens.

15th Jan 2003, 11:53
Thanks Rengar I'll give that a try:)

15th Jan 2003, 12:42
Feed him a phoenix down and see what happens ;)

19th Jan 2003, 10:26
X-potions work great, the pheonix down won't work, he's immune to death and that basically what you cast by using it.

8th Feb 2003, 09:25

10th Feb 2003, 12:52
A couple of Cure3 spells would do the trick quite nicely. Potions, Hi-potions would also work. Making your character immune or even absorb Fire-type atttack will help as well.


14th Feb 2003, 20:05
Problem is, at that point in the game, you probably don't have Cure3 yet...unless you have way too much time and spent hours levelling up your materia, but then you wouldn't have any problems with that boss...

Zoolander, using a phoenix down works like a Life1 spell, not a Death spell...and since the enemy is a ghost, and it's weakness is Holy, using a phoenix down should do a lot of damage, if it doesn't kill it outright.


14th Feb 2003, 23:51
IIRC, the phoenix down gives 9999 damage, which is more then its max HP.