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14th Jan 2003, 02:22
Ok I have got FF7 working great except for the graphics. Without AA on most everything that isn't 3d except for the backgrounds has patches/pixels missing from it. With AA on there is only one patch missing on the different windows and the backgrounds are covered in green lines. (Pics forthcoming) I've messed with the texel alignment and that did nothing. Worse comes to worse I'll install it on my older PC w/ a voodoo 5 that I know works with AA on with FF7. I do wish to kick this problem in the ass and play it on my kick ass PC (even though some of the mini-games will obviously run waaaaaaaaay too fast).

AA background:

AA windows:

Non AA text:


Stupid damn AOL. I'll leave them up if they start working again.

14th Jan 2003, 16:27
Inside Rivatuner, there is a place where you can force levels. 1& 2. Using Force level 1 usually is the best option for FF7.

okay now I have some time to expand....


It's in Russian, click the harddrive icon near "Rivatuner RC 12.1" to download.

I'm assuming that your using the latest Det driver?

Hmm looks like they updated it...to 41.09. This could cause a problem, I won't know until I try it. Rivatuner has to be reprogrammed with every new release of a Det driver....it's been over a month, I'm sure the database for the newer 41.09 is supported by Rivatuner. The programmer for Rivatuner is pretty good at keeping his program up to date.

Just make sure that you update your driver before you install Rivatuner....well I guess it's not that important....To get Rivatuner to search for a new database you go to the Power user Tab, and click on the second Icon on the bottom. This will make rivatuner to find the match for the Det driver. And for future use, whenever a new Det Driver comes out, and if you still want Rivatuner to be 100% compatible, you have to redownload Rivatuner and reinstall. For some reason he doesn't have a seperate database patch....

Anyway enough about that junk.

On the Main Tab,
look for, Detonator XP detected.....Customize...then a arrow looking button.
click the arrow looking button
click the Fan looking button...the Direct3d icon.
Go to Textures

on the bottom is a thing called Degree of anisotropy. set that to 1.

Don't use Antialaising....

I haven't tested this yet....each Det driver can have different results. and not just with FF7.

Grandia2...not that far back Nivida's drivers slowed up that game. The 40.72's fixed the problem....I wonder what these newer drivers are going to do.

19th Jan 2003, 10:31
That is truely bizzare.

23rd Jan 2003, 04:35
I figured out your problem m8. I was goin crazy i had the same problem as you.

Ok, with the riva tuner go to where Detonator Xp detected is and click customize. And go to the fan thingie. Then go all the way down to the Antialiasing tab and turn off texture sharpening. Thats it :) it fixed my problems.