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11th Jan 2003, 22:00
So dudes lets have a little fun. Think of a date you may think aod will be released.

Mine is 25 December 2010.

11th Jan 2003, 22:40
In February.

11th Jan 2003, 22:47
At the chat, Gary said it would be Feb 2003, but didn't have a date.

THE True Lara
11th Jan 2003, 23:17
My bid: ...2003

11th Jan 2003, 23:27
At the chat, Gary said it would be Feb 2003, but didn't have a date.

Oh I'm good :D! LoL JK, I knew about that last night when I got my new PSM book.

17th Jan 2003, 02:54
Just testing to see if I can post. I haven't been here for a long time and decided to check in.


PS I don't think it will be released in February. Probably fall of 2003 would be my guess.

17th Jan 2003, 07:56
In about 3-4 weeks.

17th Jan 2003, 11:21
i hope on lara croft birthday feb the 14

17th Jan 2003, 16:24
the sooner the better, we've been waiting long enough as it is

18th Jan 2003, 15:56
I hope they surprise us with an earlier release but expect it around Feb. 25. That's the same time Xenosaga is supposed to come out, so since I can't play both at the same time, any amount of time that TR can beat Xeno's release makes me happy. Since Xeno is an RPG which are always longer than action/adventure games, if it beats TR then (when given how slowly I play games because of college/work) it'll be at least a month to clear the expected 80-hour RPG before I can start on TR, which will suck but I do want to play both.

C'Mon Eidos; please beat the Xenosaga release!!!!!!

18th Jan 2003, 23:55
Well some people say february. others say december or 2003 fall. my guess is between the middle of them, i´d say late spring or begin of summer of 2003

19th Jan 2003, 21:05
Hint to Eidos/Core:

According to OPM, Xenosaga is the #2 most anticipated PS/2 game behind Final Fantasy X-2. That is due Feb. 25. If Eidos waits until Feb. 28 or any time after Feb. 25, then Xenosaga will be costing it some sales simply because Xenosaga is a long-*ss RPG, making gamers take a while before finishing it and looking for another game to play. I really do think Eidos should release it on the 24th or eariler to prevent Xenosaga from costing it sales.

The Godfather
19th Jan 2003, 21:57
I guess when the times comes that we are playing the new Tomb Raider-game, we're gonna be soo overwhelmed by its completely new game-strategy and looks that we end up saying: "Say, eventually they didn't really take that long to create this game, no? Especially when one considers another one is gonna be released in November ... two games in one year!!"

A bit like with the two Matrix-films which'll also be released in one year!

20th Jan 2003, 05:52
Looks like my guessing date might end up being the day it comes out that is 25 December 2010.