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27th Feb 2013, 15:04
I think in Kingdom Hearts there is a total of 6 original females. Namine, Kairi, Xion, Aqua, Olette, Larxene If theres someone I missed let me know but list in order who you like most is appearence? Story/chacter Devolpment? 1 being the best - 6 being least..... then explain why for the story appearence is based on the beholder same as art noone maybe the same....

Appearence for me : 1.Namine 2. Kairi 3. Xion 4. Aqua 5. Olette 6. Larxene

Story/chacter: 1.Xion 2. Namine 3.Aqua 4.Kairi 5.Larxene 6. Olette

Xion practically shared 358/2 days i felt bad for her being used and trying to get away but couldnt.... Namine pretty much made Chain of Memories she was essential and the first portion of the game in KH2 she seemed to be helping like crazy....Aqua was pivotal to Birth by Sleep, the FIRST main female Keyblader (chonologically) ... Kairi looks as the damsel in distress too often but in KH2 she fought alittle! She also gave me Oathkeeper...Larxene was a good villan made me believe she wanted to use those knives on me...Olette, Asking Sora if he did his homework?... hmm A boy traveling with a talking dog taller then him and a misformed Duck that may or maynot be retarded cuz i cant understand it if he did homework... not overall important to anything

28th Feb 2013, 21:26
Appearance: 1. Kairi 2.Namine 3. Xion 4.Aqua 5.Larxene 6. Olette

Story/Character: 1.Aqua 2.Xion 3.Namine 4.Kairi 5.Olette 6.Larxene

First off I would have to say that Aqua really is my favorite character (next to Sora that is) She risked everything to save her friends and paid the price of having been sealed off into the dark realm for like 11 years! I loved her look, and fighting style right off the bat.

Xion.. omg don't even get me started T_T she basically knew she had to disappear in order to do the right thing and help to wake Sora. Her being forgotten by everyone just made it even more of a blow to the emotions!

When I played CoM and found out about Namine I thought Sora was a derp for forgetting her lol but even after we found out what she had done. I really couldn't blame her, she was forced after all. She did the right thing in the end, and restored Sora's memories in KH2.

Kairi for me has yet to show what she is capable of! she might have given off that whole D.I.D. but she couldn't defend herself. She didn't even know she can wield a Keyblade let alone summon it. I can't wait to see if she'll be right there next to Sora, and Riku fighting to defend the light.

Olette for me didn't really make that much of an impact. She was a side character after all. Her purpose in life was to remind people about their homework lol

Larxene ...just.. dang. What a huge pain in the butt she was. I thought she was a crazy sadist! Though the way she died/faded away was really... lame. :l

1st Mar 2013, 12:32
Was it just me or did it seem that Sora was MORE emotional In chain of memories with Namine then with Kairi? in comperison to KH1 when Kairi was kinda sweet but childish for Sora to bring back her luckycharm.... while Namine "alt" Charm Sora placed a certain special spot and seemed really close to kissing Namine rather then the Pinky promise they made

1st Mar 2013, 19:18
Good point, it did seem that way to me also. Though it could have just been puberty? lol I mean as soon as Re:CoM came out Sora went into super puberty with his voice change. ( I know Re:CoM came out after Kh2 but you have to admit it was pretty funny)

1st Mar 2013, 20:08
yes it was, but i also like Kingdom hearts for not replacing the Main voice actors in that respect

3rd Mar 2013, 16:26
Yeah it's great that they didn't. The VA basicly grew up with it same as us, so it was very cool they kept it all the same. (Except for some exceptiopns of course)

3rd Mar 2013, 16:41
The ONLY voice actor i felt needed to leave the cast was in KINGDOM HEARTS 2 Aeries/Aerith ...... we need KH1 back cuz that girl had NO emotion and was putting me to sleep

4th Mar 2013, 18:17
The ONLY voice actor i felt needed to leave the cast was in KINGDOM HEARTS 2 Aeries/Aerith ...... we need KH1 back cuz that girl had NO emotion and was putting me to sleep

haha I know what you mean. When I first heard her voice I instantly thought "What the crap, she is so monotone" o_o no emotion what so ever. -_-

4th Mar 2013, 20:44
I swear she could be getting killed in the very next room and we'd never know it cuz her screams for help would just be more talking.....please helpmebeforeiparish! ........ what! cant hear you!

5th Mar 2013, 11:48
haha that kinda reminds me of Star Ocean: The Last Hope when one of your later party member gets kidnapped lol http://youtu.be/f8bXKJ14okw

5th Mar 2013, 20:27
? link didnt show though....

5th Mar 2013, 22:38
www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8bXKJ14okw (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8bXKJ14okw) did that work?? if not just look up Star Ocean 4 E05i "Saving Sarah" :l

6th Mar 2013, 08:14
yeah that worked...yikes! i was kinda hoping that Arith/Aeries was a one time flop