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11th Jan 2003, 13:41
I need help for lvl 8. Before day 3, my money is already in the red (negative) so i'm unable to build anything. By day 3, there are only about 15 pple left on the island and my money will not increase. Can someone please help me? I've read in another post that we can select what beer to sell but how do i do that and i've try to increase the beer price but when it just keep going back to the default price. Is there a bug or what? Thks.:confused:

Coconut Kid
11th Jan 2003, 21:44
If there's a problem changing beer and prices, it's not a "bug."

First on the building Panel, click on the settings tab - that's the one with the gears. You should see the name of the beer - if the scenario allows a change, you will see the thingee that makes a drop-down menu. Pick your brand from the drop-down menu.

You will also see a slider which adjusts the beer from strong to weak (weak is left ; strong is right). My memory may not be exact on this - the price changes as you adjust the strength.

I hope someone will correct this if I am remembering wrong. To change the price you have to go to the cash flow tab - that's the one with the dollar sign.

Where are you trying to change the price when it jumps back on you? Do you need the cheat for money? Do you need the list of beers and what they do?

Coconut Kid
12th Jan 2003, 18:28
On the bars, the settings (gears) tab allows you to adjust the strength of the beer on the slider. The amount the beer costs and the profit change. If the scenario provides it, you can change the kind of beer on the drop-down menu.

You can change the price with the plus/minus signs on either the settings tab or the cash flow tab.

Sorry my memory wasn't up to speed. :rolleyes: