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10th Jan 2003, 15:32
You can choose a download link here (http://www.gamershell.com/news/BPraetoriansBDemo2.shtml)

10th Jan 2003, 21:30
After playing the game for a few hours I can say that the game totaly rocks and it was worth waiting for the demo. However I had a lockup after playing for a while, the music kept playing but the computer wasn't responding (then again it's a demo). The only bad things I noticed is that when you've selected different groups (ctrl + a number) like archery etc. and then select all soldiers to put them in a group all the other groups are gone. Hope that this will be fixed in the final version 'coz it would make the gameplay a bit easier it wouldn't happen. Sometimes the camera is a bit annoying (need to get used to the engine) when it zooms in and out while moving around a bit with the mouse. As for the rest I really like this game, and once again Pyro did a great job.

John Carter
11th Jan 2003, 04:47
Looks like Eidos added the demo to their own site.

Demo (http://www.eidosinteractive.com/downloads/search.html?gmid=124)

11th Jan 2003, 06:53
ohh,thats nice of them.should have done that earlier.
you know,i find this game a bit difficult.i havent managed to defeat enemy so far :(
maybe because it is chapter5,and we evelve our combat tactics till that.

23rd Jan 2003, 02:14
thanks my friend. it almost hepled me
but still i need toplay from begining.
well,i guess i will wait for full game:)

Caius Vinceus XXI
30th Jan 2003, 22:48
too bad it is only 1 level to play, and 1 civilization to play with.

but i am definately going to buy this game! it ROCKS!!!

in the demo it isn't difficult to cross the river... (take the right bridge) but first put some catapults before you are going to repair the bridge. (and kill the pikemen)

when you repaired the bridge build a defensive tower as fast as possible and garrison it with archers. put some legionairies or spearmen in protective formation and you can defeat 4 to 5 attacks.

anyone tried to cross the left bridge anyway? :confused: (beware of the bowmen ;)

Caius Vinceus XXI
30th Jan 2003, 22:50
by the way... Rufus... you say Auxiliary Infantry are useless...

try to play the demo without them :o

31st Jan 2003, 06:49
Originally posted by Caius Vinceus XXI
anyone tried to cross the left bridge anyway? :confused: (beware of the bowmen ;)

Yes I did when I was there for that druid. I used my hawk scout to fly over the river so my bowmen could see theirs and shoot them :D

1st Feb 2003, 07:12
Originally posted by Rufus
As I remember it you need to cross the lower (southern) bridge if you want legionaires to cross over to the other side, since they cannot cross shallows.

Exatly. If you try to repair the left bridge the archers from the island will rain arrows down on yur builders and your archers won't do much good against them.

My suggestion (how I did it). Set up archers (about 2 full divisions) in stationary slightly behind the bridge while your builders repair the bridge. This way the enemy forces will be eliminated before the bridge is fixed.

Then send your Nobel Men (or if you made them, the other horse units) sprinting accross the island to attack the archers on the island and the scout with them (I've seen both a hawk and wolf scout up there).

Repeat with the left bridge to let your Legionaires cross the river, as they can't cross shallows.:D

Maximus Dominicus
1st Feb 2003, 22:47
Or... b4 rescuing the druid and repairing and crossing the left bridge, why not try the right bridge first, send equites (2 groups should do the trick) to eliminate the archers waiting by the hill? and because you have a general with your equites when they made the hit... i expect they still have the stamina to make their way to the left bridge and ambush the rest of them. In doing so... your aux infantry, legions, archers etc., can repair and cross the left bridge w/o any casualties ;) this game definitely rocks! i used to play the demo in easy mode and I always end up with many casualties. but because i played it almost everyday since it got out... i would say i am starting to learn and make use of the environment, scouts, generals etc tactics. i even finished the demo on normal mode with 700+ enemy casulaties and mine is like 40+. there is a very good strategy at the end, yunno the hill before Pons? d' last village? and the trees on the right of it? try putting your archers on the hill behind your pikemen, your noblemen and equites on the piece of land where you cross the right bridge (as a reserved to finish of the enemy), and all your legionaires by that tree I am talking about. send your aux to taunt the enemy using their pilums and quickly retreat behind your archers. the enemy will follow and they will be greeted by raining arrows and your catapults (if you have one). now this is the fun bit... as soon as you see that you are outnumbered... bring in the legionaires hiding by that tree. this will surprised your enemy. and just when you think they have had enuff... send your horsemen to flank and finish them all! try this and tell me wot u think. by the way, i am new to this forum. any1 gonna welcome me? LOL :D

Caius Vinceus XXI
2nd Feb 2003, 08:59
okay but it isn't the easiest way :-p i always strike them with catapults... i take over the land near the right bridge and build a defensive tower on that land and i garrison it with archers.

then i send my catapult up the hill and set them to aggresive (shoot at sight :) ) then you have killed the troops near the left bridge and you can continue... and repair the left bridge.

Maximus Dominicus
2nd Feb 2003, 12:56
tnx rufus. try positioning your archers behind that village near your garrison. 2 legions to the north and send 1 over the hill hiding by the trees. and don't forget to build a tower as well. end result? our casulaties none. if you want a screenshot of this, gimme' your email add mate ;)

Maximus Dominicus
3rd Feb 2003, 20:31
no idea. but i do hope they include it in the release.

Caesar Palace
4th Feb 2003, 22:39
So far I've been able to complete the mission in normal, and without building anything (no towers or catapults) with casualties of 23. In easy casualties have been 2. The towers are a super powerful.

The only thing I dont like is that sometimes the troops are "trigger happy" and in ocassions you want them to be still, but their AI proximity sensor just kicks in and theres no way to get them out of a melee.

I wonder if other civilizations can "pull out"?

This game is the bomb! Are most of you in the US? and if so east or west coast?


4th Feb 2003, 23:50
well i am from the country that traded new york for suriname :mad: whehehe. (that's the only hint i give)

the demo is very cool actually but Cæsar Palace is right.

troops most of the time ignore your command when they are in battle. Romans wit sticky fingers... hmmm

by the way...

anyone finished the game without casualties? :rolleyes:

the demo is a lot more fun when you create a artillery island (right bridge... lots of catapults. and a tower or 2.) works great :)

i kind of like to play with the Prætorians themselves. so i put them into battle, too. :D with the aid of psychicians (that's 1 way to get your casualties to zero)

4th Feb 2003, 23:52
Cæsar Palace, i can't remember Julius Cæsar let his troops retreat.

also, the troops he send into battle fought until death.

(don't come with Asterix and Obelix theories :D :D :D )

4th Feb 2003, 23:57
too bad there is only 1 mission in the demo. would be better if they let us see more of the buildings...

next time make a demo with all 3 civilizations.

5th Feb 2003, 00:04

Tricky situation at the first village?

what village do you capture first? :D :D :D

Caesar Palace
5th Feb 2003, 01:34

Retreating is not loosing, in fact the Roman Legions were well knowed for having waves, so that the first batch to go to battle would be relieved by a second wave (and then a third) while the 1st went back to rest, heal small wounds and get more pilums.

All im saying is that there is no sense in having your "happy trigger" archers go to battle with the barbarians and get their ***** kicked, when in fact they could retreat a bit and arrow their ***** up.

Ya know, gotta ***** about something! hehehe. :D

BTW: Yeah, I think thats worst than the alaska deal hehehe!

Maximus Dominicus
5th Feb 2003, 17:06
I am soOoOo excited :rolleyes:

Roma Victa!