View Full Version : chronicles-HELP ME PLEASE!

9th Jan 2003, 19:45
I'm on level 10- Old Mill (not the beer) and I'm stuck. I did the tourch thing and swung on the rope again to get to the next
spot where the gate is, but I came up short. (story of my life)
Now I'm stuck on the shelf with the creatures and the torch and I went and found the secret rose, but I can't figure out how to get up to the place with the gate. I accidentally saved the game with me on this spot, and I'm stuck. Please help me!

9th Jan 2003, 20:03
Hope this (http://stellalune.com/TR5walk/oldmill.html) helps!

10th Jan 2003, 23:02
Thank you Dave, I'm a new member and I'm stuck in one the levels in the Colisseum

12th Jan 2003, 03:50
Latinagirl, this is basically the website where we all get our TR help from: http://www.tombraiders.net/stella/ . Pero si todavia necesitas ayuda, solo dime y yo te la dare, cos I've been there myself. :D


Oh, and welcome to the forums! You too, dock_rat! :)

12th Jan 2003, 03:57
Don't mean to be off topic, but welcome to the forums you two!