View Full Version : Lux Veritatis...not just in the game!

Chris-Craig Michaels
8th Jan 2003, 04:10
Check these:



So, there really is a Lux Veritatis order. Hmm...

8th Jan 2003, 09:25
Interesting... like all the other backgrounds from AOD and the TR-Games before.

8th Jan 2003, 09:28
You'll be telling me next there really is a "Paris" and a "Prague"....

Chris-Craig Michaels
9th Jan 2003, 06:02
Um... sorry, am I the only one who hadn't ever heard of the Lux Veritatis before? Am I just stupid? Sorry, if I am, really. I just though it was something Core made up...like the Scion, Dagger of Xian, RX Tech, and the organization under the leadership of Bartoli, to mention a few:).

9th Jan 2003, 09:29
NO you are not stupid!
DaveJ is only joking ;)
Someone posted the link from the Lux Veritatis before.
I noticed that many thinks in the tombraidergames are from "real-life". For example: "the speer of destiniy" is a real artefact.
Its a difficult theme, because some people could get in trouble with themselfes, when reality and fiction are mixed. Maybe they think Lara could also be real... but to be honest: Is'nt that imagination the thrill by playing the game? :rolleyes:
(Sorry for my bad english)

9th Jan 2003, 14:47
I didn’t know. Ask your Doctor if Lara is right for you :p