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8th Jan 2003, 03:29
Stuck after pulling all the levers over the water. I'm at the yellow climbable wall - the area that the last lever opened.
Tried going around the wall but Lara falls before she can catch the ledge and I've tried jumping over the column opposite the climbable wall to get to the pole. Nothing is working...........am I in the right place???

8th Jan 2003, 10:13
er... if you are inside one the huge beehives (the entrance is by the two goden doors with the imperial symbol) you sohuld have listened to a tr1 wonderful music... climb the first wall you see, then backjump, land on a sloped square jump really soon and you'll be again at the SAME climbable wall but just exactly ABOVE a little hole in the wall which stopped your climbing... so still climb a little bit, back jump again on the same sloped decline but this time you are higher and you can correct your forward jump curving a little bit on the right side to land onto an "almost safe position"....

If you still have to reach here and you are still upon the pool with the "line of change of gravity" deathly water, after many levers to be switched, check for a far cam showing you a sloped square where to land after a running/back/flipping jump :)

8th Jan 2003, 15:50
psiko, I never saw that ledge..........and never thought to try for it. As usual, in a psiko creation, I'm surprised ( and never disappointed) at what you have masterminded!

Am I the only one to get stuck there? I did a search and could not find a post on it. Is EVERYONE else so much better at "out -psiko-ing" psiko???.....................I don't think so ..............LOL

As for the far cam and the running back/flip over the water, I got there another way.

Thanks for your help.

8th Jan 2003, 20:49
I had the same problem as well. That jump was very tricky.