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7th Jan 2003, 23:48
This might Sound A bit Lame But is there a WINDOWS XP Patch For the Early Tomb Raiders from 3 to Chronicles if yes Where Can I get it Please

Thanks in Advance )KEV(

8th Jan 2003, 10:09
Yo, All the patches for XP for all the TR games could be found at Croft Times...


And the Direct Link: (if it works:( )


And thanks for thanking me for the link (in advance)


Elvin Presler
15th Jan 2003, 07:45
No patches are needed!

Tomb Raider 2 - 5:

Just make sure your Windows XP is up to date and, if needed, right click the SHORTCUT you use to start the game (in the Sart Menu or on your Desktop) and select properties, then compatibility and set it to run in Windows 98 Compatibility Mode.
You could also do this by going to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Program Compatibility Wizard and using that.

Tomb Raider 1:

TR1 takes a small DOS driver emulation thingymajig called VDM Sound (an XP/2000 using gamer's must have anyway) and a special install. Detailed Instructions can be found here (http://members.cox.net/antisnipe02/tr1howto.html). Don't let all that text scare you, it's very simple. You just enter a few commands into a FULL SCREEN command prompt.

15th Jan 2003, 11:02
From what I have seen on web only TR2 is suppose to work with no trouble in XP (even with compatiblility thing), Anyway TR1 in my comp works ok with bad sound! Maybe TR2-5 works ok in XP but just in case it does not, patches are available :cool:

15th Jan 2003, 11:10
The compatability mode route doesn't always work either.

Elvin Presler
15th Jan 2003, 20:15
Compatibility ALWAYS works for me on the 5 or 6 different PC's I've tried it on, with Windows 2000 or XP. I think you're right about TR2 not needing anything to run....or is that the one that runs without it for a few levels, then crashes if you don't put in compatibility? TR 3, 4 will run flawlessly (except the long save loading in TR4) with compatibility mode.

Try VDMSound for TR1. It should work perfectly except for you won't hear the ambient, background sounds (CD Audio) unless you get Glidos too. I'm surprised you can get any sound under XP without it.

L Croft
15th Jan 2003, 21:02
I have to agree with Dave I found TR1 almost impossible to run on XP even in compatibility mode

Elvin Presler
16th Jan 2003, 10:12
TR1 won't even install on mine unless I do it as instructed in the link above (http://members.cox.net/antisnipe02/tr1howto.html), and it sure won't run playably. However, if you install it right and use VDMSound as instructed, it will run perfectly under Windows XP/2000 very easily.

All the rest of them 2 - 5 work fine with nothing more than compatibility mode if needed on mine.

kathy 5
19th Jan 2003, 20:35
help please !! see my post about I hate windows xp than give the what to do's