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7th Jan 2003, 19:29
Who likes her new Image??

I know this seems pointless, but would you people out there let me know what you think about her new image.

And by the way would you guys let me know where i can get cool quotes from the game. Thanks


uh...lets start a fight. later

THE True Lara
7th Jan 2003, 20:22
Personally I don't like it.
Unfortunately, everyone else does... :rolleyes:

7th Jan 2003, 20:36
Other than a new T-shirt and more polygons (and less scary-looking eyes) I see no difference.

7th Jan 2003, 21:39
I like her new image. ;)
Stronger, harder and better...
http://angie-croft.de/newspics/i am back.jpg

8th Jan 2003, 14:55
I don’t like her new voice, she sounds girlie and stupid.

8th Jan 2003, 18:57
Just for the "record", did anyone like Angelina Jolie's Performance, in "Lara Croft Tomb Raider"??


8th Jan 2003, 19:03
The movie was't really that great. But I liked angelina :p
the new look of lara is lots and lots better than the old one.

8th Jan 2003, 19:40
Jolie was the best thing about the movie.

THE True Lara
8th Jan 2003, 22:58
Perplexingly a lot of thought and good elements went into that film and they turned out a pile of rubbish, to be polite.
Most perplexing.
AJ wasn't the Lara of the games, but do I respect and admire the real effort she put into the role.
Ditto on the voice Prelude, ...I reckon there's bleach under those polygons' ;) ...perhaps she just bumped her head one too many times in those tombs?

9th Jan 2003, 08:57
Originally posted by THE True Lara
Perplexingly a lot of thought and good elements went into that film and they turned out a pile of rubbish, to be polite.
Most perplexing.

Theres a simple answer to that...."preview audiences and re-edits."

THE True Lara
9th Jan 2003, 09:00
is it really that simple though?

9th Jan 2003, 09:05
I think so....the elements were all there, but the characterisation got stripped away to keep the story zipping along after the preview childr ....audience found the first cut too slow moving (another way of saying too much story getting in the way of the explosions) and it bore no final resemblence to Simon West's style other than what was left of the action scenes.

9th Jan 2003, 21:58
Going back to the original question;

I feel indecisive about the new 'improved' Lara, the more polygons certainly have lost that breeze block of a head finaly. Those eyes look abit evil though; its not so much the image, but the attitude/personality change. She's lost that certain innocence.

Also her voice sounds abit tarty, apart from that I recon its ok. I wouldn't be surprised if they throw in some sort of twist to go with the new impression. I'm still looking forward to the game's release... :cool:

9th Jan 2003, 23:11
Lara's new look is definately darker, grittier and to-the-point. It totally captures her attitude and character.

Blind Intentions
10th Jan 2003, 05:09
I love the new look. It's about time they updated our heroin and tossed her old green tank and brown shorts into the trash. You can tell a lot more detail went into her gun holsters and new style boots. I am sooooo happy they decided to get rid of the eyes they had planned for her in the Next Generation teaser and concept art. Eck!

As for the voice...I'm just glad that they are using the same voice actress for more then 2 games

10th Jan 2003, 05:16
Gotta love the new Lara. Before, she had the sweet innocent look, but shot anything that got in her way..... now she has the look to go with it.

L Croft
10th Jan 2003, 08:31
Originally posted by Prelude
I don’t like her new voice, she sounds girlie and stupid.
Yeah I agree she does sound a bit stupid

10th Jan 2003, 11:36
New Lara looks alright to me!
...Maybe a little more Computer-Animationey than before - I felt she looked fairly life like in the earlier Tomb Raider pictures and FMV sequences

10th Jan 2003, 21:20



In the games maybe, in the FMV clips NO WAY!!! Her head looked like an onion and her body was alien like, they couldn't even animate her body and make it look normal.

11th Jan 2003, 13:44
i like the new image of lara shes more pretty, and have tons of style

11th Jan 2003, 21:37
The new Lara is good but I also liked the old ones too the old ones captured a sort of angelic innocent with those big brown
button eyes which I love. Lara's eyes are so pentrating now...

11th Jan 2003, 22:11
...which suit her trigger happy tendencies that she has always demonstrated.

'Angelic innocents' stay at home and have cucumber sarrrndwiches wiff the crusts cut orrfff, and tea on the lawn ...they don't raid tombs and wipe out entire villages/species/security forces etc.

THE True Lara
11th Jan 2003, 23:15
I refute that!

11th Jan 2003, 23:42
How come no one likes Jonell Elliot? I think she does a good job, so all have to say is get used to her voice because she did the Voice to TR 4, TR 5, TR 6, and wil probably do 7.:D :p :D


13th Jan 2003, 19:06
She was the one that did the voice? Cool, i like her better than that other girl that did it for the beginning games, she sounded ugly. No offense to those who do like her. Well thanks for all the great replys, this is a record for me.

Thanks and later


13th Jan 2003, 19:45
Oh and by the way, dont the guys from the new game (you know the ones that have shields, and swords,) look like these guys, but like they were demoted or something.