View Full Version : Tomb Raider Community Network Presentation

7th Jan 2003, 19:18
Hi all,

I would like present Tomb Raider Community Network to those members which do not know it:

TRComm - as many of you know, is aimed to be the Portal for Tomb Raider Fans who needs Source for all kinds of Stuff related with TR Game Series, including image galleries, downloads, walkthroughs etc. We have also created a Database, in which TR Fan Site Webmasters put their sites and homepages, in order to make it easier for you to reach their wotks. We have integrated a BanExch program with that DB and in near future, our TRComm Webring is also going to be merged with it.

The Image galleries and download areas of TRComm are gathered throughout the Net, with their respective credits as we got them. Some of our items may not have creadits of their respective owners, because we have not found any copyright statements where we have picked them.

The walkthough system of TRComm is adapted from former TombRaiders.Com of Theresa`s. Since she had shut her pages down a year ago, we have decided to reinstate her works under her credits and present to our fan friends.

We have at last launched our membership interface. All Tomb Raider and Lara Croft fans are invited to join us at:


We are online at: www.trcomm.net . And we would be glad if you can find whatever you are searching for among our site contents.