View Full Version : Komag's T2 Tut Question

7th Jan 2003, 15:43
Ok. I have the T2 tutorial. I DL'd the custom menus and extrated the .zip. Do I just place the extracted files in the T2 directory? Or do they need to go into something in the T2 directory?

7th Jan 2003, 18:56
Just drop 'em into your Thief II root directory and you should be set. Good luck! :)

7th Jan 2003, 19:09
Cool. Thanks.

Uh oh my hands are shaking. Can I do this? Only time will tell.:D

12th Jan 2003, 01:19
Ha ha. Don't worry; I started DromEd once and immediately gave up on trying to learn after I accidentally toggled the grip snap off and had to spend hours lining up brushes, including one that I accidentally rotated, but then on a whim I started DromEditing again and look where I am today! A suffering student with a C average for his first semester (the ancient Romans were not the only casualty of Latin) whose professors think he is taking copious notes when he is actually producing sketches of city streets, mansions and castles and writing esoteric phrases pertaining to his upcoming custom gamesys (you Thieves here should be getting one from me soon) on the pages of his philosophy book. ;)

18th Jan 2003, 19:06
Interesting TR, because the grid snapping thing is exactly what happened to me too. I'm only just getting back into Dromed now, about a year later! I'm beginning to think Dromed "senses" a newbie and turns off grid snap just to see how they react. If they give up then they probably weren't meant to be Dromeders anyway. Cruel to be kind, huh? :D