View Full Version : Hi Guys!!

6th Jan 2003, 02:03
Just wanna came here to say hello to all cause I've been out for a long time from TR games and this forum too! So, HELLO guys!! ;)

To keep with rules: there's any new levels from our dudes Inch, Collin, ... ??

Good to talk here again! Cya...

6th Jan 2003, 16:43
Hey, look who's back.... The little guy from Brazil! :)
So, how are you doing? Staying or just a little visit in between.... ;)

And, no, no levels from me yet.... I'm running for 'the slowest level creator of the forums' award! And I am going strong I might add! :D
Don't know what Inch is up to... :confused:
But there are some great new levels out there.... Be sure to check out Piega's latest! It's a master piece! :eek:

Nice to have you back (even if it's for a quick visit). ;)

Be ready to be moved to the TR Chat forums anytime now....

7th Jan 2003, 12:04
:eek: Is that wriggle I see??? :eek:

Hey, how's things?

It' really nice to have you back :)

14th Jan 2003, 19:12
HI!!! ;)

So Collin, when I have some time free I'll play these levels!! I take a look and it's really amazing!! Thanks for the tip!! :)

Everything is OK here V!! And how about you??

This is a little quick visit cause I don't have enough time to play TR and !! I'll try to go here more aften but I can't keep a chat!!

Nice to "listen" your words again!! CYA!

15th Jan 2003, 13:53
I'm fine, too. It was very nice to see you around

C Ya again :) :D