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5th Jan 2003, 20:45
I've decided to go back and play this...but I'm still stuck in the same spot. :rolleyes:

How in the world do I get across the canal right in the beginning?!?

Victoria Andrea
5th Jan 2003, 23:11
Which Tomb Raider are you playing?


Look for a switch near the river that opens the gate behind the large tree trunk!!

Hope this helps!!

5th Jan 2003, 23:16
That's not till much later in the game.

6th Jan 2003, 00:24
You have to find the airplane first....
It's hidden behind a boulder that you need to trigger... The boulder is hidden pretty well too.... It's somewhere in the area where you find the channel.......

6th Jan 2003, 02:30
I guess I need to clarify just how far I've gotten in Deep in the Jungle.

I've grabbed the (map?) in the box near the plane, and I've triggered the ninjas (although what's the point w/ them??) and disposed of them. Although, I reached the plane area by way of jumping through a hole off of a fallen tree (I used the boulder to get out of the plane area)

I've also come across the temple area (the big terraced steps, and the door I need the stars to open). However, I couldn't find anything else to do here (aside from a few pick ups) and I've grabbed the shotgun.

Does this help now? ;)

Oh for anyone who's confused, this isn't TR3, it's the custom level by Hokolo. It is by Hokolo, isn't it? :p

6th Jan 2003, 03:52
I don't really like jungle levels, and I didn't really like this one (except for the level two jeep thingy :) ), so I don't really know much about it anymore....

But if you want a walkthrough, Drew has made a good one here (http://www.sphosting.com/drewspage).... It helped me a few times.....

If you don't want a walk, then I guess you'll have to wait! :D

6th Jan 2003, 20:42
Thanks Collin. :)

18th Jan 2003, 15:40
Is it possible for the jeep to go in reverse? lol Because I'm stuck in a particular part in Higher and Higher that I think requires me to go in reverse for a minute or so.


18th Jan 2003, 16:56
Use the sprint key to go into reverse, and the shift key to go back to forward again..... ;)
How did you do this in TRLR? :D

18th Jan 2003, 17:34
I don't have TRLR, that's how. :p

Thanks once again Collin. :p :)

19th Jan 2003, 00:26
Originally posted by Aquarius
I don't have TRLR.....


*Collin passes out from this completely baffling statement*